Ronda on the Road TBT: Ronda Rousey Babysits Marina Shafir and Roderick Strong’s Son Troy

Rowdy Staff

Rowdy Ones, you already know that Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are new parents to a beautiful baby girl. But a couple of years ago, Ronda was also preparing for life as “The Baddest Mom on the Planet” by babysitting her fellow Four Horsewoman Marina Shafir’s baby boy (and Malcolm Bivens’ greatest nemesis) Troy.

Check it out in this super throwback episode of Ronda on the Road:

“I had to watch Julia alone—a newborn baby—at 11 years old, for at least like 6 hours a day. But I think, at the time, it didn’t seem like such a big deal because I didn’t realize how fragile babies are,” Ronda said. “And then when Troy was that age I was like, ‘Oh, please don’t crush him in my hands.’ You’re such a fragile little beautiful baby, baby!'”      

Overall, it sounded like a super chill day for any age group, not just a baby. You know, just eat a nice meal, go for an afternoon walk, then settle in and watch some WWE SmackDown. Sprinkle in some tickling time in there and some contagious giggling and that’s an awesome staycation. 

“I’m mom-ing hard today. … It’s actually pretty nice. He’s really cool. And we hang out. … You’re a pretty cool kid, dude,” she said. “The baby’s alive. Unharmed. I did give him a crazy amount of dates and pineapples and he’s currently pooping.” 

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