Ronda on the Road: SmackDown Before WrestleMania

Rowdy Staff

Ronda on the Road is back and the No DNB Productions cameras are in Dallas, following Ronda and baby Pō as the days, hours, and minutes to WrestleMania 38 tick down. Watch as Ronda navigates the vast labyrinths of AT&T Stadium, trying to find her Horsewoman brethren in the “Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler so they can get a training session in for the camera.

Listen as Ronda talks about the pressure of WrestleMania and sets the record straight with an intense and oddly-respectful dressing down of ESPN. Hey, last time they barely even asked the ladies questions, so Ronda is going to do what Ronda does and tell them exactly what pissed her off, make everyone scared, and then get the job done. You can see a lot of Dr. AnnMaria DeMars in that ESPN clip.

But back to the sparring session. Or a little roll, if you will, for SmackDown. If you recall, Charlotte Flair was doing Charlotte Flair things and avoiding Ronda at all costs, so Ronda decided to get a little workout in, talk some shit, and spend some time with her baby before the big match.

Stay tuned next week for a super-sized episode of Ronda on the Road: WrestleMania 38!

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