WATCH: More ‘Driving Lessons’ with Ronda Rousey and D-Von Dudley

LaToya Ferguson

Previously on Driving Lessons:

You’ve heard of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but what about Ronda Rousey During Rides Bantering With Buddies? We all agreed that the aforementioned title was a little lengthy, so we just called it Driving Lessons. It’s learning on the go. 

Ronda’s Driving Lessons will be a new segment that pops up every now and then when she is traveling with a guest. In between shoots, coffee trips, or treks up to the Browsey Acres Alpine mountain house, Ronda will be talking about life and whatever else with her co-pilot. This time, her guest just happens to be WWE Hall of Famer Devon Hughes, aka D-Von Dudley

Alright, you’re all caught up now. And don’t worry: “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” is still sheltering in place. But that doesn’t mean she can’t provide you with a blast from the past in the form of a new episode of Driving Lessons with her pal Devon “D-Von Dudley” Hughes.

That’s right, prior to quarantine, Ronda once again hit the road with ECW/WWE legend D-Von Dudley, praising Cat Zingano during a talk about their past and the second season of Why We Fight (hosted by her former opponent). Check out the on the road conversation below:

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