WATCH: ‘Driving Lessons’ with Ronda Rousey and D-Von Dudley

Justin Golightly

You’ve heard of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but what about Ronda Rousey During Rides Bantering With Buddies? We all agreed that the aforementioned title was a little lengthy, so we just called it Driving Lessons. It’s learning on the go. 

Ronda’s Driving Lessons will be a new segment that pops up every now and then when she is traveling with a guest. In between shoots, coffee trips, or treks up to the Browsey Acres Alpine mountain house, Ronda will be talking about life and whatever else with her co-pilot. This time, her guest just happens to be WWE Hall of Famer Devon Hughes, aka D-Von Dudley

In our latest installment, Ronda talks to Devon about just how much pro wrestling impacted her MMA career from the early Strikeforce years all the up into the UFC. Oh and don’t worry about Ronda’s driving, she didn’t run the sign, that’s called a “California stop.” 

This is just the first of many Driving Lessons, not just with Devon, but with anyone who braves getting into a vehicle with “The Baddest Woman on the Planet.” Who else would you like to see in the passenger seat?     

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