RAW: The Baddest Woman on the Planet vs. The Brightest Woman on the Planet

LaToya Ferguson

Natalya & Ronda Rousey def. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

Unsurprisingly, Alexa Bliss has the numbers advantage with Paula Abdul extra (thanks, Renee Young) Alicia Fox on the sidelines. She also attempts to have a mind game advantage throughout this Monday Night RAW match, with little things like pushing Natalya from behind her and Rousey’s entrance, only to pretend nothing happened. Of course, no one falls for these tricks.

In fact, prior to this match, members of the announce team apparently asked Rousey how she feels about things like Bliss’ mind games in the form of her new armbar submission of her own… Which Rousey simply answered with a: “She doesn’t even know how to pronounce it, let along do it right.” She also mentioned how the armbar is to her family what the Sharpshooter is to Natalya’s, so Bliss at least made sure to pick the biggest offense on top of all her other disrespect to Ronda Rousey.

And for someone who apparently thinks she has Rousey’s number, she certainly has no problem running for her life as soon as “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” tags into the match, instead forcing Mickie James to fight her sad battle for her. (Mickie is at least lucky at first that Rousey gives a quick whooping before simply tagging Natalya in). Natalya getting back into the ring also allows Bliss to feel cocky enough to do so, and that of course allows her to feel cocky enough to taunt Rousey again with that armbar… and almost get rolled up by Natalya. While she escapes that pinning predicament, she chooses to double down on, well, everything, by slapping Rousey and running for her life. Which in turn leads to a Hart Foundation (R.I.P. Anvil) Hart Attack:

Eventually, Rousey comes face-to-face with Bliss in the match, but Bliss is able to use her experience in the squared circle to Rousey into barricade and ring apron, going back to the already hurt ribs from last week. From that point on, Corey Graves calls this match-up “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” versus “The Brightest Woman on the Planet.” But while Bliss and Mickie are able to take advantage of Rousey’s hurt ribs for a bit, eventually it just pisses her off enough to send her into fight mode. Sure, she’s still hurt, but once Mickie gets Rousey with a kick to the ribs, it’s the beginning of the end: Rousey gets her into an armbar, and Bliss has to watch as her #2 gets her arm destroyed once again.

Post-match, Alexa Bliss goes for a cheap shot—a kick right to Ronda Rousey’s ribs—before heading out with her team. So while Charly Caruso is only doing her due diligence when it comes to asking Rousey about this Sunday, it looks like this only lights a fire under the RAW Women’s Champion:

“Because on my worst day, I’m still the best.”

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