RAW: Cuffing Season

LaToya Ferguson
Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey (source: WWE)

Throughout the night on this week’s Monday Night RAW, Charly Caruso took a moment of Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, and eventually, Becky Lynch’s time to ask each woman about their upcoming six-woman tag team against The Riott Squad.

As mentioned earlier in the show, these women were forbidden from laying hands on each other during their match; anyone who broke that mandate would be taken out of the WrestleMania 35 main event. And as also mentioned earlier in the show, that main event is now for both Ronda’s RAW Women’s Championship and Charlotte’s SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Charly asked Charlotte (hehe, Charly & Charlie… or Charles & Charles… or just Charles in Charge) straight-up how she felt about Stephanie McMahon’s “breaking news” at the start of Monday Night RAW. More importantly, she wanted to know if Charlotte felt “blindsided” by the news that her newly-won championship would also be up for grabs in the main event of WrestleMania.

After taking a cheap shot at Asuka—a woman who was no doubt blindsided by the events of last Tuesday’s SmackDown LIVE—Charlotte made it clear that she’s too confident to feel blindsided. And she promised that, at WrestleMania, she will break Becky’s leg, tap Ronda out, and take it all. As for tonight’s match, when Charly asked Charlotte about possible losing her cool, Charlotte retorted:

“Do I look worried? I’m a professional. I’m not a hothead like Becky Lynch or a loose cannon like Ronda Ronda Rousey.”

Ronda, on the other hand, had a different approach as she prepared for tonight’s match:

“Charly, I don’t feel like talking tonight, I feel like fighting.”

But Ronda had some things to say, as she promised to take on The Riott Squad all by herself, as Charlotte and Becky simply watched on the corner. She then promised that the WrestleMania main event will be “judgment day” for both Becky and Charlotte… unless either one of them provokes her tonight. Then judgment day would come early. (If only Judgment Day was still a WWE pay-per-view…)

Finally, Charly interviewed Becky. Or she tried to: Becky already knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she didn’t need any questions to guide her. Becky said going to beat Charlotte again at WrestleMania, but she clearly beat Ronda months ago—when she triggered her “god complex.” As for tonight, Becky also promised she won’t be the one to lose her cool. Because she’s going to that WrestleMania main event, and nothing’s in her way now. That also cause Becky to bring up the ever-interfering McMahons, as she said that only way to prevent them from causing her to “sink” into obscurity post-WrestleMania is to win both titles.

Her final point before she went out to the ring? While Charlotte and Ronda “want” to make history, Becky said she had “no choice but to make history.”

Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, & Charlotte Flair def. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan, in a Beat The Clock Challenge

The Riott Squad were already in the ring when Becky made her entrance. Then out came Charlotte, then Ronda. While these women didn’t touch and ruin their WrestleMania main event, Ronda clearly had a lot of trash to talk to Becky. Charlotte was also there, saying “blah blah blah,” as she actually prepared to start the match for this “team.” Charlotte started things off against Ruby Riott, only leaving the ring once Becky tagged herself in, mocked the Flair strut, and then begged Charlotte to slap her in the face. Charlotte didn’t take the bait though, leaving Becky to face Ruby, who quickly tried to regroup on the outside with her squad.

Then Becky ended up the victim of The Riott Squad’s brutality, with Charlotte sarcastically reaching her arm out to tag and Ronda clearly just enjoying the view. Especially when Sarah Logan hit Becky with a knee to the head, which even got a chuckle out of Ronda. Finally, Becky was close enough to the corner for Charlotte to tag herself in. But when Charlotte got cocky—so, immediately—Ronda tagged herself in. That almost allowed Liv Morgan to get an advantage, but instead, Ronda tapped Liv out with an armbar and then threw the first strike of an all-out brawl (at the very least) at Charlotte.

As all three women fought, WWE security was immediately sent out. They failed also as immediately, so out came local law enforcement to separate them. That failed too, as Ronda went right for Becky… but the handcuffs came out, as Ronda struck an officer in the process. Now with Ronda cuffed, Becky had the opportunity to take a shot at her… but that also got Becky cuffed too—again—making them two peas in a vicious pod.

After the initial strike, Charlotte watched all of this from the outside…. but she had to get in a cheap shot on a cuffed Ronda as soon as the officers took her out of the ring and followed up by kicking a cuffed Lynch as she was also being cuffed. “Do you know who I am,” Charlotte repeatedly asked the officers. She even threatened to have them all fired. But all the D.C. crowded was for the officers to “LET THEM FIGHT.”

Even as these women were led out of the arena in handcuffs, they all fought back, apparently more than fine with adding resisting arrest to the charges. Even backstage, as they were being shuffled off into cop cars, Charlotte continued to ask if they knew who she was… and then Ronda cheap shot Becky right back. How did the officers deal with that? Well, they put both Ronda and Becky in the back of the same cop car. That, of course, didn’t stop the fight, and then Ronda kicked out a fricken window!

Then Charlotte kicked Becky, who was being moved to another car… And somehow, Ronda got into the driver’s seat a cop car and crashed into another. Ronda was then moved to the backseat again… only for Charlotte to in one final knee strike before Becky and then Ronda were both driven out of the arena.

Seriously, all of this happened:

What a way to end a day that started like this.

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