RAW: “Damn ‘The Man’. Screw ‘The Woo’.”

LaToya Ferguson
Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey (source: WWE)

“Anything can happen on the Road to WrestleMania.” – Stephanie McMahon

No one knew how true that would be heading into this week’s Monday Night RAW. Early in the show, Charly Caruso approached Stephanie McMahon to ask her thoughts about the Ronda Rousey situation. According to Stephanie, what Ronda did last week was “disrespectful,” even going as far as to  call it “blasphemy.” But as a result of that, WWE decided to do “what’s best for business”—which is never a good thing—and… drop both the criminal charges and suspension against Becky Lynch.

So it sounded like a good thing came out of Ronda giving Stephanie the ultimatum last week, but then Stephanie continued on. While she noted that Charlotte Flair was getting way ahead herself when she said on last week’s SmackDown that this week’s RAW would be her “coronation” as the new RAW Women’s Championship, she also said something surprising when she called the title “the currently vacant RAW Women’s Championship.” And while Becky’s not 100% yet, Stephanie said that tonight she’d have her sign a hold harmless agreement—so she can face Charlotte one-on-one at Fastlane on Sunday for said championship.

Definitely not what Ronda had in mind at all last week. It’s probably not what any other woman on the RAW roster would’ve had in mind either, considering Charlotte and Becky are both SmackDown Superstars…

At the end of the show, Stephanie came out with both the RAW Women’s Championship and the hold harmless agreement. (Charlotte also came out for this segment, after earlier in the night telling Charly Caruso that she’s going to put the “arrogant” Becky “on the shelf for good” at Fastlane.) Becky—still crutch-bound—came out to sign the agreement, officially absolving WWE of any liability in the case of further injury to her knee or any other body part at Fastlane. Charlotte, of course, tried to trash talk Becky before she signed it, but Becky simply reminded Charlotte she’d already beaten her on one good leg at the Royal Rumble. And she could do it again right now—but Stephanie stopped things before they got started. So Becky signed the agreement, and it was settled.

And then Ronda Rousey entered the building.

Once Ronda got to the ring, she asked what Stephanie the hell was going on. “I wanted you to include Becky, not exclude me,” Ronda told Stephanie. She also made clear that when she placed the title down last week, she didn’t vacate anything; she was just giving Stephanie to think things through and do the right thing. Ronda demanded her title back, and surprisingly, Stephanie obliged. Stephanie also explained the new plan: At Fastlane, it will still be Charlotte versus Becky. But if Becky loses, she’s done with this Road to WrestleMania. If she wins, she’ll be added back to the WrestleMania main event (as a triple threat).

(Becky, of course, is confident she can defeat Charlotte, but she should know she’s still being screwed here. Because she still won the Royal Rumble match, while Charlotte won… nothing. But after tonight, that’s probably the least of her worries.)

This wasn’t the end though. Ronda got in Stephanie’s face and let her know a little something:

“I make you too much money for you to fire me, and you know it.”

Ronda continued down this path, noting that she could basically could do anything she wanted in WWE without consequence, because they need her much more than she needs them. (A point she actually touched on in the latest edition of Ronda on the Road.) But Stephanie wasn’t the only one Ronda had something to say to, as she turned her attention from the RAW Commissioner to the WWE Universe to let them know:

“I am no longer here to entertain you.”

The RAW Women’s Champion pointed out how she did everything right and exceeded expectations, and all they did was boo her—beginning at Survivor Series, her hometown crowd—and cheer for Becky instead of her. Even though she could destroy both Becky and Charlotte in a second, without barely trying. So from now on?

“Damn your fantasies. Damn ‘The Man.’ Screw ‘The Woo.’ And no more Mrs. Nice Bitch.”

With that, Ronda quickly took down Charlotte before going right after Becky with that damn crutch, punching the crap out of her before going for the armbar. While it looked like Charlotte might go back into the ring to try to get a shot at Ronda, instead, she ended up letting Ronda go back to breaking Becky. In fact, Charlotte enjoyed the view as Ronda stepped on Becky’s neck and then went back to just punching her again and again. While it looked like Becky tried to fight back at times, she simply couldn’t, and Ronda stood tall with the championship to close the show.

Backstage, Stephanie told Charly Caruso that “what just happened out there was completely ridiculous.” She added that “Ronda showed exactly who she is tonight” by beating up an injured Becky Lynch like that. In fact, she called her a “loose cannon.” “Ronda is gonna get what’s coming to her,” Stephanie said, whether it’s against Charlotte or Charlotte and Becky.

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