RAW: A Dis-Arm-Her a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

LaToya Ferguson
Stephanie McMahon, Becky Lynch (source: WWE)

Monday Night RAW in Portland, Oregon opened with Stephanie McMahon in the center of the ring… immediately getting interrupted by “The Man” Becky Lynch. Becky’s left leg was still hurting from the Royal Rumble, but there was no way that was going to slow her down. She promised to “slap the head off the Baddest Woman on the Planet” (whose match against Liv Morgan followed this segment) at WrestleMania, and unsurprisingly, Stephanie let Becky know there was no one who wanted to see that more than her. Stephanie clearly still hasn’t let bygones be bygones.

But Stephanie also noted Becky’s knee brace and the way she walked—well, limped—to the ring. Becky tried to play it off with a stubborn “I’m fine,” but Stephanie went on to show some footage from the Royal Rumble. Footage of when Nia Jax cheapshotted Becky, footage of Charlotte Flair repeatedly going after Becky’s leg—all evidence that would argue Becky Lynch wasn’t fine. But hey, she won the Royal Rumble “against all odds,” so maybe that actually proved how fine she is.

Then Stephanie revealed Becky had “been refusing medical attention” for the past eight days, another possible sign that she was anything but fine. To that, Becky admitted that she’s willing to fight no matter what, but no doctors are coming near her before WrestleMania. Stephanie reminded Becky that she was also there in the trainer’s room after Nia Jax broke her face, and she remembers how the former SmackDown Women’s Champion still wanted to fight. Stephanie said was impressed that night, but she still let it be known that she can’t let Becky fight at WrestleMania if she’s not officially medically-cleared to compete.

Becky didn’t buy that Stephanie actually cared about her well-being though. “I’m the glitch in your plan,” Becky said, claiming to know exactly what was going on. According to Becky, Stephanie didn’t expect her to get this main event WrestleMania spot and is now trying to do anything she can to get her out of it. She even called Stephanie out for not struggling a day in her life, never having to fight for anything, and trying to stop Becky “from fighting for everything.” Stephanie, however, admitted that while Becky earned her WrestleMania spot, it would be a “liability” for the company to let her go on wrestling without being medically-cleared. Stephanie continued to maintain that she cares about Becky… because this match against Ronda Rousey will be one of the biggest in the history of the company.

“Everybody wants to see it! But you have to be cleared.”

She then moved on to “pleading” with Becky, asking her if she’ll see the doctor. But Becky made clear: “You’re not taking my moment away from me. You’re not taking my moment away from me, Steph.” So Stephanie then threatened to suspend Becky until she sees the doctor, a threat that Becky said she didn’t want to hear; because if Becky heard it again, she couldn’t be held responsible for her actions. Stephanie asked one more time if Becky will see the doctor, and since Becky didn’t change her mind, Stephanie made good on her promise and suspended Becky indefinitely.

So Becky attacked Stephanie, knocking her down and going for the Dis-Arm-Her. (Ladies love breaking Stephanie McMahon’s arm.) WWE officials came to the rescue before Becky could fully lock it in… so she took them down so she could go back after Stephanie, all as the WWE Universe chanted “BECKY.” Referee John Cone was eventually able to get Stephanie out of the ring and to safety in the back, as other officials escorted a limping (possibly even worse than before) Becky Lynch out of the ring and to the back herself.

After commercial, the officials escorted Becky Lynch out of the arena but not before “The Man” and “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” had a heated confrontation. Well, Ronda Rousey was heated, and she had every reason to be: She noted how she herself is a “professional,” and Becky attacking Stephanie McMahon just now was the definition of “unprofessional.”

Yes, Ronda has attacked Stephanie before too, but that wasn’t on the Road to WrestleMania. She didn’t end up failing to sell her match on a pay-per-view—her main event match on the biggest pay-per-view of the year—which is exactly what Becky Lynch just did. So according to Ronda, the best thing Becky could do was go home and rest and heal, so she can be medically cleared and they can actually have their match, finally. Before Ronda went to have her scheduled singles match against Liv Morgan, she let Becky know one more thing she could do during her suspension:

“Ice and Advil, bitch.”

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