RAW: Becky Lynch, It’s Already Been Broughten

LaToya Ferguson
Bayley (source: WWE.com)
Bayley (source: WWE.com)

Last night on Monday Night RAW, Shayna Baszler went all the way out to Manchester, England to make a statement heading into the Women’s Champions’ Triple Threat at this year’s Survivor Series. But she wasn’t the only one who made a statement that night…

“But here I also stand, the most dangerous time of my career. Because the pack of challengers is getting hungrier, the fights are getting harder, and the list of people looking to take me out is getting longer.

And to that, I say, bring them on.”

Those were Becky Lynch’s words last night. “Bring them on” was the rallying cry. And so they responded in kind…

During Becky and Charlotte Flair’s match challenging The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, both of Becky’s Survivor Series Triple Threat match opponents showed up to thwart her attempt at becoming “Becky Two Belts” once more.

First, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler appeared on the ring apron while Becky was in the middle of a flurry of offense. While that obviously distracted the RAW Women’s Champion, it was SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley who showed up out of nowhere to engage in fisticuffs with Shayna. Shayna ended up getting the better of that exchange, As Becky argued with the referee in the ring—clearly wanting to go the outside to mix it up with Shayna—Asuka used that distraction as the perfect opportunity for the roll-up, the win, and the title retention.

Shayna’s work done, she headed to the crowd to leave. Becky called her out, and as she did so, Bayley was able to attack Becky from behind. While Shayna and Becky have been focused on each other in the lead-up to Survivor Series, Bayley clearly made a statement that she’s not to be forgotten.

Bayley, Becky Lynch (source: WWE.com)
Bayley, Becky Lynch (source: WWE.com)
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