RAW: “The Man” Comes Around

LaToya Ferguson
Becky Lynch (source: WWE)

“‘The Man’ has arrived!” – Corey Graves

While it looked like we would have to wait until this week’s SmackDown LIVE to hear SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch’s reaction to RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey’s words about her level of sensitivity, that didn’t end up being the case. After Alexa Bliss and her RAW Women’s Survivor Series tag team members had their fun at Sasha Banks and Bayley’s expense in the main event, a ruckus could be heard coming from the backstage area. How to describe that ruckus? It was Becky Lynch, somehow getting the drop on Rousey in the locker room, putting her in a devastating Dis-Arm-Her.

After RAW officials were finally able to get “The Man” to release the hold on “The Baddest Woman on the Planet,” it would seem the intended statement had been made. Even Alexa Bliss and company were freaked out. But that was just the beginning of the statement…

“‘The Man’ shows no fear.” – Renee Young

Soon after, Becky’s music hit, and she was walking down the ramp to the ring. While it looked for a moment like this was a one-on-seven disadvantage for the SmackDown Women’s Champ, it soon turned out to be an ambush. Because she didn’t come alone.

The entire SmackDown women’s roster came to take out the RAW women’s team. The SmackDown side even included Charlotte Flair—perhaps answering the question of whether or not her head is in the game for Survivor Series—who even fought side-by-side with Becky. And while the rest of the RAW women’s roster soon came out to even the odds, Team Blue clearly ended up with the upper hand. The Kansas City crowd may have been there to see RAW, but even they could admit: “THIS IS AWESOME!”

That was, until a pissed off—but still, very much hurt—Ronda Rousey came to help and beat the crap out of some blue brand ladies. While Rousey was able to get her hands on some SmackDown women, she also did so with a hurt arm, and pretty quickly had to take a break from cleaning house. But that break gave Becky Lynch—gushing blood from her nose as a result of this battle—an opening to grab a chair and eventually beat her rival down with it.

After that, the SmackDown women’s roster was able to leave with the upper hand; and Becky Lynch was able to stand tall on the last Monday Night RAW before Survivor Series.

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