RAW: The “Natural Born Killer” Challenges “The Man”

LaToya Ferguson
source: WWE

With Survivor Series rapidly approaching, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch will both eventually have to back their words against each other up inside the squared circle. But now is not the time. This week’s Monday Night RAW showed that “now” is actually Rousey’s time to let the other champ know just what she should expect when they finally do face-off in one-on-one competition.

Rousey immediately admits she thinks it’s “cute” and “adorable” that Lynch has been promising to rip her arm off. But on a more serious note, she also admits that she actually respects Lynch, especially after she
“put on the performance of a lifetime” at Evolution (against Charlotte Flair). And considering how things went down with Nikki (and Brie) Bella, that respect going into the match means a hell of a lot.

“It’s easy to see why everyone loves you. … You’re the champ. You’re ‘The Man.’ Well, figuratively.”

The RAW Women’s Champion respects the SmackDown Women’s Champion, but the key is not to confuse that respect for weakness. Rousey is completely onboard with “new Becky,” but while “old Becky” was in clown college and working as a flight attendant pre-WWE, Rousey was doing everything she needed to do (breaking arms, almost having her arms broken, dominating in UFC, etc.) to be able to say the following with 100% honesty:

“I am a natural born killer.”

Two weeks. Two weeks until Survivor Series. And Ronda Rousey tells Becky Lynch to bring her angst, her rage, and her pent-up resentment—which we know the SmackDown Women’s Champion has a lot of—to just bring all of it. Because if there’s one thing the RAW Women’s Champion wants, it’s a challenge. That’s what Survivor Series is all about after all.

“You may say that you’re ‘The Man.’ But I am ‘The Baddest Bitch On The Planet.’”

Literal mic drop. (As for Nia Jax, that’s a challenger for Rousey to worry about post-Survivor Series.)