She’s Back

Rowdy Staff

Would she be there? Would she be at home on the farm? That was the big question of the week as WWE’s Royal Rumble 2022 materialized. The WWE Universe flooded social media with rumors of whether or not Ronda would make her comeback. And then—Ronda Rousey’s Royal Rumble Return. A sentence made entirely out of words that start with the letter R that will shape the WWE Universe for the immediate future. Ronda—just four months after giving birth to her daughter Pō—has laid waste to the women’s division once again. Now, a giant WrestleMania sign is at the end of her pointer finger.

Also, how many amazing new matchups are we about to get featuring our Rowdy One?

Ronda got in the mix with Bianca Belair, her old foes the Bella Twins, and even almost tied up with fellow Horsewoman Shayna Baszler, but it quickly came down to two: Ronda vs. Charlotte Flair once again. But Ronda made quick work of her, tossing the legendary Flair over the top ropes and leaving Ronda as the Royal Rumble winner and off to WrestleMania.

Man, it’s been a while:

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