Ronda: ‘I Was Looking Forward to Kicking Her Ass’

LaToya Ferguson
souce: WWE

SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch may have won the battle on this week’s Monday Night RAW—both against the RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and the entire RAW women’s roster—but it looks like the war between “The Man” and “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” will now have to be put on hold.

Becky Lynch is officially out of  Survivor Series, and Charlotte Flair is in after being hand-picked by Lynch to as her replacement to face Ronda.

We saw “The Man” injured during the pre-Survivor Series brawl that closed RAW last night. During the encounter, blood could be seen gushing from Becky’s nose—as could her going to get quick medical attention for it at one point, before she went back to the ring with a chair to finish the job she started on Rousey—but it didn’t slow her down. In fact, adrenaline seemed to kick in as she led the blue brand troops to an early advantage and show of brand supremacy.

But unfortunately for SmackDown and the WWE Universe, Becky will not be able to follow this momentum into this Sunday’s previously scheduled dream match—nor will Rousey be able to get any revenge. At least, not right now. WWE announced that Lynch suffered “a broken face and severe concussion” on RAW and could not be medically cleared to compete on Sunday.

Upon getting official confirmation of this injury, got the RAW Women’s Champion to give her two cents about the unfortunate situation:

“This match being off sucks, I was looking forward to kicking her ass. I’ll have to do it later.”

Get well soon, champ. Because Rousey wants to come at you when you’re 100%.

Rousey has yet to comment on her new opponent, multi-team champion and wrestling royalty Charlotte Flair, but “The Queen” seems confident. In a backstage interview after her selection for this match, Flair said:

“I have spent half my career fighting against Becky. Last night I fought with Becky. This Sunday, I will fight for Becky. And it’s going to be my honor at Survivor Series when this queen beats Ronda Rousey and proves that SmackDown is the superior brand.”

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