NXT: Don’t Test Me, Bro

LaToya Ferguson
Matt Riddle, Cathy Kelley, Kassius Ohno (source: WWE)

On this week’s NXT, Cathy Kelley officially welcomed Matt Riddle—who, bless his heart, may not know how to pronounce “debut”—to the black and yellow brand and tried to get some info about how his experience has been so far. While it’s only been a short time in NXT for the “King of Bros,” Riddle said it’s been “amazing.” After all, he won said debut match, and he’s honestly ready to take on anyone in the NXT locker room.

“I think NXT isn’t ready for ‘The Bro.’”

Based on his current crusade about new NXT signees, Kassius Ohno would probably disagree with that assessment. But that’s not why he ended up interrupting Riddle’s interview. Instead, he actually wanted to inform Riddle that he confronted him last week as “a test”… one that it looks like Riddle failed. Apparently, Ohno expected Riddle to go to NXT General Manager William Regal and request a match because of said confrontation. So now what this says to Ohno is that Riddle isn’t “a man of action.” Instead, it says to him that Riddle’s whole thing—or “Bro Show,” as Ohno calls it—is “trash.” Riddle, of course, took offense to that:

“Trash? You think the Bro Show is trash? Well, how ‘bout this, Ohno? Next week: I’ll take your little test. I’ll pass your little test. And I’m going to leave—oh no—Kassius knocked out in the ring. What are you gonna do about that, bro?”

To that, Kassius Ohno simply left, seemingly with nothing more to say.

So it’s settled: Next week, it’s Ohno vs. Oh Bro. (Sorry.) Also, while Matt Riddle might or might not know how to pronounce “debut,” he definitely knows how sports entertainment works:

“I’m glad we finally talked, because now: We can fight.”

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