NXT Results and Recap: The Damn Numbers Game

LaToya Ferguson
Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong (source: WWE)
NXT – November 14, 2018

Bianca Belair def. Mia Yim

This week’s NXT immediately kicks off with its “EST,” as the undefeated Bianca Belair faces off against “The Blasian Baddie” Mia Yim. Belair showcases some of her strength early on, telling Yim, “This is my house.” But Mia Yim can trash talk too—and back it up in the ring, as she’s able to deflect a dropkick only to then hit Belair with four consecutive dropkicks of her own.

After that, Belair attempts to put Yim away as quickly as she possibly can, but the power game doesn’t keep Yim down the way she hopes. So she goes back to the trash talk, calling Yim “nothing” as she grounds and pounds her. But then she starts yelling at the crowd, and that gives Mia an opening to fight back. But just a temporary one.

Mia Yim eventually starts to get a comeback, threatening to put an end to Bianca Belair’s undefeated streak. However, the “EST” ultimately ends up hitting the big forearm and the K.O.D. for the 1-2-3.

Tonight, in preparation for NXT TakeOver: WarGames—and to decide which team will get the early numbers advantage in WarGames—a single member of The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly is announced) will face off against a single member of the opposing team of War Raiders, Ricochet, and Pete Dunne.

When approached by Cathy Kelley about who will represent this somewhat uneasy alliance in tonight’s main event, Ricochet volunteers, only for Pete Dunne to say that he is actually the man for the job. After some arguing between the two about which champion will be the better choice, the War Raiders make one thing clear: Hanson will be representing them tonight.

While this week’s NXT is very much focused on hyping up this Saturday’s NXT TakeOver, it’s also looking to the future of the weekly show. And that’s how we get Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno set for next week, which you can read more about here.

Lacey Evans def. Karissa Rivera

Poor Karissa Rivera. She came to make a name for herself in NXT, and instead, she’s about to get a first class lesson in how to act like a lady. On commentary, Nigel McGuinness even calls Lacey Evans “the epitome of elegance”… right as she’s literally yanking Karissa’s hair.

This match is pretty much all Lacey, and when Karissa has the audacity to hit a bit of offense, that honestly just offends Lacey to the point of knocking her out with a Woman’s Right. The post-match promo is honestly longer:

“NXT is full of a bunch of classless nasties. These girls forget what it means to carry themselves with sophistication. But I will lead by example, because it is my responsibility as the Lady of NXT. And if they don’t adhere to my standards, well I will teach every single one of them a lesson in class and manners—with the Woman’s Right.”

Kyle O’Reilly def. Hanson, for the WarGames numbers advantage

Main event time and Hanson is more than ready to take on Kyle O’Reilly. Both men come out alone, but knowing The Undisputed Era, that probably won’t be the case by the end of this match.

This is definitely a clash of styles and sizes, and while O’Reilly attempts to ground Hanson quickly with kicks and strikes, Hanson just absorbs the blows. This is a game of cat and mouse, and Hanson is quickly able to just truck O’Reilly. O’Reilly then tries to regroup, taking a new strategy by working from literally beneath Hanson on the mat… but Hanson’s able to just pick O’Reilly up. And again with the trucking. This is… not a fair fight. But considering the way TUE usually fight, this is really just payback.

Eventually, O’Reilly is able to do some damage to Hanson’s left knee, and then it’s like he smells blood in the water. But when he finally goes for a cover, Hanson is able to kick out—and toss O’Reilly—at one. Hanson looks like he might be able to come back, but a missed splash allows O’Reilly to get back to working the leg. (So basically, even if Hanson wins, he will not be 100% at WarGames.)

But adrenaline is a beautiful thing, and even though the knee is definitely hurt, Hanson is able to fight through it as he goes back to running through O’Reilly. He’s even able to hit a suicide dive to the outside, which has got to make things worse with his knee. (This definitely won’t be good for WarGames.) It finally looks like Hanson may be able to beat O’Reilly, and everyone knows it… Including Adam Cole, who comes out to yell at Hanson—as Hanson climbs to the second rope and prepares to put O’Reilly down for the count—telling him “DON’T YOU DARE.” Hanson dares though—and even goes to the top rope—and hits a moonsault. Unfortunately, that little distraction from Cole was all the time O’Reilly needed to recuperate, and he rolls away to safety while Hanson is mid-air.

O’Reilly then follows it up with a big kick and a cover, which gets him a long two-count… and then he immediately tries to lock in an armbar… can’t lock it in and instead gets an ankle lock. But Hanson is able to reach the ropes, and while the referee is pulling O’Reilly away from Hanson, Cole hits an enziguri from the outside. O’Reilly follows up with a couple of strikes of his own before going for another pin, but again, only two. That causes Cole to get on the apron and yell at the referee to do his job, and now Rowe is here to take out Cole and cheer his partner on.

Now it’s a fair fight. Wait, nevermind: Now the rest of TUE are out to attack Rowe. Pete Dunne comes out to even the odds, but it’s still all about the damn numbers game—and oh wow, Ricochet just jumped out from the ring and onto TUE. (Where did he come from? No idea.) But while all that chaos is happening and the referee is trying to maintain order on the outside, Kyle O’Reilly is able to hit Hanson with his NXT Tag Team Championship and finally get the three-count. TUE stand tall and celebrate, while their opponents have to watch on in pain and frustrations.

You can watch this week’s NXT on the WWE Network.

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