NXT: Shayna Baszler Promises to Put Mia Yim to Sleep at TakeOver: Toronto

LaToya Ferguson
Shayna Baszler, Mia Yim (source: WWE)

After the past few weeks of bringing the fight—or, more appropriately, the “sneak attack”—to the Four Horsewomen, on this week’s NXT, Mia Yim finally came face-to-face with NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

And now it’s official: At NXT TakeOver: Toronto, it will be Shayna defending her NXT Women’s Championship against Mia.

Shayna obviously wasn’t in the mood for games tonight as she walked directly to the center of the ring and finally said enough was enough. As WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix even said on commentary, Shayna was “certainly on a mission tonight.”

“Mia Yim—you went over there and delivered a message. Well, I got it. You attacked Marina and Jessamyn from behind? This is not the street. We are professional fighters. And that’s exactly why you haven’t even boarded the plane to Toronto yet, and you’ve already lost.

Because this is not the street. This is not a back alley. This is the biggest professional stage of your entire career. And under those lights, in front of tens of thousands of fans in attendance, I’m gonna put you to sleep. Because street rats don’t survive very long in my world. And at NXT TakeOver: Toronto—”

At that point, “The HBIC” of NXT had heard enough and came to the ring, to stand face-to-face with the champ. Mia taunted Shayna at first, asking her where her friends were. “I ain’t seen nothin’,” she said (despite a certain colleague’s recent snitching). After telling Shayna that she looks off her game without Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke by her side, Mia responded to the champ’s in-ring proclamation:

“I got nothin’ to lose and everything to gain. So Shayna, this street rat? Is gonna be bringin’ a fight that you can’t train for, champ.”

To that, Shayna told Mia that she’s “not special” and that at TakeOver: Toronto, everyone’s going to see that she’s “nothing but street trash.” And then the champ raised her title high, production hit her music, and she left the ring in a much better mood than when she arrived.

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