Ronda Is on the Precipice of History in a Very Cool WrestleMania 35 Promo

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35

We all know Becky Lynch. She clawed her way to the top of the WWE with hard work and fire tweets. She’s the underdog no one expects to succeed but everyone wants to. To hell with the establishment. Who cares what The Powers That Be say? The Man comes around to win at all costs and it’s F.T.A. all the way to anyone else who says otherwise.

Charlotte Flair is an expert at her craft. She comes into everything she does with extra eyes on her shimmering self. Why? Because she carries a legacy with her. A legacy that both gives her a reputation to always maintain and a shadow to try to leap out from behind to shine in a way all her own.

The thing is though, Ronda Rousey is all of these things and more. She’s the UFC poster woman who kicked the door down of business critics didn’t think she belonged in and shattered expectations at the same time as glass ceilings.

Tonight, these three women will make pro wrestling history at WrestleMania 35, and we’re going to be on the edge of our seats watching this amazing show. Get hyped with this trailer and enjoy the spectacle of this moment because it will never happen again.

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