RAW: The Luck of the Facebreaker

LaToya Ferguson
Tamina, Nia Jax (source: WWE)

This week on RAW, Nia Jax—with Tamina in tow—decided to come out and run her mouth in front of the Milwaukee crowd, letting them and the entire WWE Universe know what they’re thankful for. (This week’s RAW had a few Superstars not realizing that Thanksgiving was last week.) Actually, first she said the RAW roster was obviously thankful for her, for leading the RAW female Survivor Series team to victory (as the sole survivor). But then she informed everyone that she was thankful for breaking SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch’s face:

“I guess ‘The Man’ was no match for ‘The Facebreaker.’”

And with that, Jax segued into talking about the RAW Women’s Champion, acknowledging that she knew how much Rousey was looking forward to facing Lynch at Survivor Series… and Jax took that away from her—just like she promises to take the RAW Women’s Championship back from her.

This led to Jax reminding everyone of how their last championship match against each other (at Money in the Bank) went, though there was some clever editing to remove the parts where Rousey made her comeback and Alexa Bliss swooped in (cashing in her Money in the Bank contract) to steal the title. Then Jax went on about a—honestly, an imaginary—downfall that Rousey has been suffering since that match, showing the footage from Survivor Series (with Charlotte Flair going mad on Rousey) as the proof pudding. Jax said that Rousey definitely “took a beating like a champion,” and then she attempted to channel her inner IIconics by doing a bad impression of Rousey and her “true champion” speech from last week’s RAW. “The Irresistible Force” made a promise to both the WWE Universe and the champ:

“I don’t think Ronda has faced her worst day yet—but she will, when she faces me at TLC.”

Unlike the downfall, Nia Jax was able to properly note how she herself has been on a roll lately, eventually claiming that “the top of the mountain” known as the RAW women’s division was, in fact, her. That was enough to finally draw Ronda Rousey out, and despite Tamina’s presence as back-up to Jax, Rousey entered into the ring with no worries.

While Rousey admitted that Jax winning the battle royal at Evolution (for this championship opportunity) wasn’t luck, luck was what allowed her to break Becky Lynch’s face—and that luck won’t be around at TLC. In fact, Rousey promised to rip off Jax’s arm at TLC, just so she could slap Charlotte Flair in the face with it. (If there’s one thing to worry about it for the champ, it might be that Rousey’s looking more toward Charlotte and even Becky Lynch than her challenger for the championship.)

In fact, Rousey had no problem having the title match right then and there on RAW, but instead, Jax admitted she was “stalling for time,” seemingly for Tamina to make her move. But Tamina didn’t get a chance to strike, as Natalya came out to even the odds for her friend… and immediately paid for that due to an out of nowhere attack by The Riott Squad.

While Rousey was able to save Natalya and run the Squad off, it’s clear things are only going to get worse before they get, well, probably worse—TLC is coming up, after all.

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