Double Duty: On Becky Lynch and WWE’s History of Wrestling Two Matches in One Night

Kyle Fowle
Becky Lynch (source: WWE)

Tonight at Money in the Bank, Becky Lynch—aka “Becky Two Belts”—has to be a fighting champion, and that means defending both her RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships in the same night. Newcomer Lacey Evans is after the RAW Women’s Championship, while Charlotte Flair is looking to start her ninth championship reign with the blue brand’s title.

That’s a tall task for Lynch, but if anyone can pull off a double victory it’s “The Man.” She’s already proven that she owns this division, but Money in the Bank will be a tough test. She’s not the first WWE Superstar to have to wrestle twice in one night, so let’s take a look back at other wrestlers, examine how they fared pulling double duty, and see if we can figure out how Lynch can succeed.

Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania 30

Daniel Bryan (source: WWE)

Perhaps the most famous and thrilling example on this list. Daniel Bryan had to earn his way into the WrestleMania 30 main event by beating Triple H in the opening match. He did just that and then went on to beat Randy Orton and Batista for the WWE Championship at the end of the night.

Many Superstars who’ve wrestled twice in one night have typically ended one match quickly, but for Bryan, both were grueling contests. The key to his success? Heart, plain and simple. He wanted it. We know Becky Lynch wants it too.

Chris Jericho, Vengeance 2001

Chris Jericho (source: WWE)

Chris Jericho has lasted a long time in a lot of different matches, but this may be his crowning achievement, winning both the WCW and WWE Championship in the same night—beating The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, no less—to become the first ever Undisputed Champion. This win is all about stamina and taking advantage when you can.

You’re not going to beat two of the top wrestlers by putting your foot on the gas and never letting up. You have to be smart and strategic. Lacey Evans is still an unknown, but if she’s Becky’s first match of the night she might be able to make quick work of her with some smart wrestling and then focus on Charlotte, who’s a more formidable foe, but one Becky knows inside and out.

Seth Rollins, Night of Champions 2015

Seth Rollins, John Cena (source: WWE)

On this night, Seth Rollins walked in with both the United States and WWE Championship. He lost the former to John Cena but retained the latter against Sting.

Lynch won’t be as lucky as Rollins though. “The Kingslayer” went through hell against Cena but was clearly better than the aging Sting. Lynch has to square off against a young up-and-comer and then maybe the greatest women’s wrestler WWE has ever seen. That’s a tall task, so there’s no easy path to victory here.

Kurt Angle, King of the Ring 2001

Kurt Angle (source: WWE)

Kurt Angle wrestled not two, but three matches that night. He beat Christian in the King of the Ring semifinals before losing to Edge in the finals. Then, he somehow went into a brutal Street Fight with Shane McMahon, giving us the iconic shot of Angle suplexing McMahon through a pane of glass. Angle couldn’t go 3/3, but he won his Street Fight because he never lost his edge.

You can’t allow multiple matches to make you sluggish. You have to find a way to rise to the moment emotionally. Can Becky use the momentum from her WrestleMania victory to get through two title defenses successfully? Or will she end up flat on her back like she was on RAW?

Bret Hart, WrestleMania 10

Bret Hart (source: WWE)

In the opening match of the night, Bret Hart would lose an emotional one to his brother Owen Hart. Their 20-minute match is a classic that stands the test of time. For Bret, vindication would come later on, as he’d defeat Yokozuna in the main event to win the WWF Championship.

He managed to put the grueling loss behind him and focus on the goal of winning the title. Any loss needs to be immediately forgotten. Wrestling two matches in one night is as much mental as it is physical, especially if you lose the first match of the night.

The Man Comes Around

So what does all of this tell us? Well, it tells us that it’s extremely difficult to win both matches in a single night. The odds aren’t good. Then again, if Becky Lynch is comparable to anyone on this list, it’s double winner Chris Jericho. They’re both charismatic ring generals who can surprise with speed, strength, and submissions.

Then again, Becky Lynch isn’t like anybody. She doesn’t have a true comparable. She’s “The Man.” If anyone can walk out of Money in the Bank with both titles still slung over their shoulders, it’s her.

You can watch this year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view tonight, on the WWE Network.

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