Ronda on the Road: Fastlane 2019

LaToya Ferguson

“Life in the fastlane!”

March 10, 2019 —At the Fastlane PPV in Cleveland, Ronda makes good on her promises to throw out the script & ensure that Becky Lynch makes it to WrestleMania. What a good champ.

Ronda Rousey has had more than enough of the “bandwagon bitches” of the WWE Universe. So while on the road to the Fastlane, not only does she let Toronto fans (from a WWE live event) know how she feels about them, and she’s definitely not much easier on the fans in Ohio, even before the pay-per-view.

Except for when it comes to her “favorite commentator,” Tiffany E (aka @psychdesigntvtoo on Instagram). After marking out for Tiffany back in the Atlanta edition of Ronda on the Road, Ronda finally gets the chance to do it in person.

As for the pay-per-view itself, it’s like Ronda says early on in this Ronda on the Road:

“Becky’s winning tonight, whether she wants to or not.”

Looks like the champ always keeps her promises.

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Like Ronda also said: “Damn ‘The Man.’ Screw ‘The Woo.’ And no more Mrs. Nice Bitch.”

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