Ronda on the Road… to RAW Manchester

LaToya Ferguson

“This is our version of throwing noodles at the wall.”

November 3-5, 2018 — Still sick and running on no sleep, RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey feeds off the energy of the European WWE Universe to make it to—and through—her first UK RAW.

From Madrid to Barcelona to Manchester, Ronda on the Road follows the champ as she (and her immune system) works her way through the WWE’s European tour. While Ronda talked about her first UK RAW experience during her tour mini-Q&A, in this episode, you’ll see her immediate reaction to the ebbs and flows of the WWE Universe in Manchester.

Coming soon: Stay tuned for even more in-depth behind-the-scenes Ronda on the Road footage. Watch more Ronda on the Road on the official Ronda Rousey YouTube and on

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