Ronda on the Road: RAW Lafayette

LaToya Ferguson

“Today, I’m feeling… yesterday.”

February 18, 2019 — Ronda is still feeling the effects of Becky Lynch’s crutch-based attack at Elimination Chamber, but she’s also ready to rock the Cajundome for Monday Night RAW.

Obviously, we know how Ronda reacted to being attacked from behind by Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber after the pay-per-view—but what was on her mind before “The Man” turned her attention from “The Queen” to “The Baddest Woman on the Planet”? And why does it matter so much to Ronda that Becky Lynch was screwed out of the main event of WrestleMania? And is there such a thing as a “crutch defense seminar”? The answers to at least two of those questions can be found in the latest edition of Ronda on the Road, straight out of Lafayette, LA.

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