‘Ronda on the Road… Trip’ #3 | The De Mars Diaries

Julia De Mars
Ronda on the Road... Trip! (Do you get it?)
Ronda on the Road… Trip! (Do you get it?)

This week on Ronda on the Road… Trip (Episode 3, “Julia is Accused of Bird Murder and Ronda Punishes Her”)On the road again with Ronda and Julia, adventure soon turns to chaos. Between more coffee ratings, nature walks, and a dash of parkour, Ronda yells at Julia until she cries. Enjoy!

Hello, Rowdy Ones! Julia here again. Have you seen the latest road trip video yet? Did you see me hit something with the RV again? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then thank you for coming to the show that is my mess of a life! Woo! This week’s episode is a little triggering for me, but let’s get into it!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here you go:

I feel like, by now, these diary entries should just be renamed “In My Defense.” Because apparently, I am now a birderer. (That’s a “bird murderer.”) Yeah, I hit a bird. And the only person who actually saw what exactly happened is me, even though I might’ve closed my eyes for a second when I saw flapping. A flock of birds decided to take flight across the RV within seconds, so honestly, it’s a miracle I only hit one. And for the record, nobody knows whether the bird is alive or not. So maybe I’m not a birderer. (Ed. note: She already confessed. She’s a birderer.)

Just, before I knew it, there was a thud and a little smudge on the glass. (Oh god, I’m having flashbacks.) There was no time to slow down, and I know I couldn’t have done anything, though Ronda and Cameraman Kyle proceeded to scream “BIRDERER” at me until I cried. But then Ronda felt so bad that she ended up getting me to laugh through those tears. It’s funny nownot for the birdbut I really was upset about it and in shock for a few minutes.

But otherwise, it was a pretty good day. We rated another coffee place! (Note: This place was COVID-safe but by no means IBS-safe. I liked the cute pastries and all but it was kind of hard to enjoy them when I was in the porty pooper for over an hour.)

You’ll probably also notice that this episode showcases my talent and passion for parkour. It’s really just a lifestyle at this point. As you can see, I practice parkour the minute I wake up and do my cat leap dash vault out of bed. Well, that’s kind of where my featured moves end. And, of course, here is my inspiration:

Also, I’m not gonna ask you to like and subscribe to anything, but I am gonna tell Ronda if any of these road trip episodes get one million views, then she has to do the sewage. (Ed. note: Also, yes, she is asking you to like or subscribe to Ronda’s official YouTube channel. Duh.) I don’t care if the trip is over: I will find an RV, drink a bunch of coffee, visit the bathroom, and make her do it.

Oh, and: Happy belated Halloween from Browsey Acres!

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