‘Ronda on the Road… Trip’ #5 | The De Mars Diaries

Julia De Mars
Ronda on the Road... Trip! (Do you get it?)
Ronda on the Road… Trip! (Do you get it?)

This week on Ronda on the Road… Trip (Episode 5, “Ronda Visits Sarah Rowe Before Coming Home to Travis”)Ronda & Julia’s road trip reaches the end of the road, literally. This finale takes them to Ohio, where Ronda shows off her new pup to some old friends: The Wild and Free TV’s Sarah & Raymond Rowe!

Hey, Rowdy Ones—it’s Julia here again with some road trip finale drama! If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you’ll be excited and maybe a little sad to know that this week’s episode of Ronda on the Road… Trip is the final one. (If you haven’t been keeping up, don’t worry: The gang’s all here.) And this is a Very Special Episode filled with farm life things, silly times, and two reunions!

Check it out:

So, Rowdy Ones, now that you’ve officially finished the series: What’d ya think? Personally, watching this back was kind of felt bittersweet, because while I think my sister and I are hilarious, now I really wanna go on the road again. Even though I’m still not sure I’ve even fully recovered from this trip.

Speaking of this trip: How freaking adorable are Sarah & Raymond’s cows? I seriously could’ve stayed at their farm forever. But they said I couldn’t, so…

A freaking adorable cow.
A freaking adorable cow.

Unfortunately, on the way back to Browsey Acres, Travis called Ronda to tell her about a coyote attack on two of the farm’s best chickens. Obviously, this made my road trip buddy upset and I knew what I had to do. You see, one of my weird brags is that I am a fantastic worm impersonator. Specifically, the worm from Labyrinth. Every time I do my impression, Ronda can’t help but laugh, so I let out my worm alter ego in an attempt to make her feel better.

So after lifting our spirits back up, we managed to make it back in one piece (and COVID-free). But my favorite part of this final episode might just be the very end, when you see where we all ended up after this trip. Makes you wanna watch all over again, huh?

Alright, okay. Go ahead and watch all over again:

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