WATCH: Ronda and Her Sister Julia Get Matching ‘Spirited Away’ Tattoos

LaToya Ferguson

Hello, Rowdy Ones! Do you want to see some more Ronda Rousey tattoo video content? Of course you do. So you have come to the right place, as Ronda just dropped another video chronicling her experiences getting inked by tattoo artist Chuey Quintanar (of Deer’s Eye Studio) on her official YouTube channel.

This time around, it’s a family affair. First, Ronda gets a tattoo in remembrance of her father. She also tells a pretty funny story about the origin of said tattoo in the process. Then, Ronda gets to witness her little sister (and contributor) Julia get her very first tattoo. What kind of tattoo? A Spirited Away tattoo, to match with her big sis.

Take a look:

Another tattoo, another story.

ICYMI: Ronda also got a tattoo commemorating her every one of her MMA wins…

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