Shane McMahon at WWE Fastlane

SmackDown Results and Recap: Like Father, Like Son

Kimberly Schueler

The March 12, 2019 episode of SmackDown LIVE included new WrestleMania feuds and another twist in Kofi Kingston’s struggle for a WWE Championship match.

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Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre at WWE Fastlane

Fastlane Results and Recap: Vroom Vroom, Bitches

LaToya Ferguson

WWE makes the final pit stop on the Road to WrestleMania with the Fastlane pay-per-view. Becky Lynch fights for the chance to be in the WrestleMania main event, “The New” Daniel Bryan defends his WWE Championship, and The Shield reunite for “one last time.”

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Classic Match: WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber, 2015

Kimberly Schueler’s Classic Match of the Week is WWE’s first-ever tag team Elimination Chamber match, which featured incredible feats by Kalisto and Cesaro.

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