Hollywood TBT: Ronda and Peter Berg Talk ‘Mile 22’ and the Zombie Apocalypse

LaToya Ferguson

Go back to the ‘Mile 22’ tour, as Ronda & director Peter Berg discuss working together, as well as what ultimately led Ronda to create Browsey Acres.

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Throwback Time: Ronda Rousey’s ‘Mile 22’ Media Blitz

Rowdy Staff

A TBT to a time of hustling, premieres, and large crowds! Follow Ronda from NYC to LA in never before seen footage from when she was promoting ‘Mile 22’.

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Ronda Rousey mile 22 movie

Listen to Ronda Rousey Describe the Gun-Toting Badass She Played in ‘Mile 22’

Justin Golightly

WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey featured in the latest summer blockbuster and action movie thriller ‘Mile 22’ with actor Mark Wahlberg.

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