Video 2: Finger Taping

Rowdy Staff

Here at Ronda Rousey’s Judo Time, we want fans to learn judo techniques but we also would like to save their fingernails from being ripped off. The judo gi is a lot thicker than others and it’s important to protect your fingers, so let’s tape those babies up!

Here are the main things:

1. Make 4 strips for top of fingers.

Take your magic finger-protecting judo tape and lay out 4 pieces that are about the length of your longest finger plus a half.

2. Tear at edge.

No need to have Ronda Rousey’s grip strength to rip this tape, just press the strip tight on the roll and tear at the edge for a clean cut.

3. Make 4 more longer strips.

More strips, more strips, more strips! Protect all the fingers.

4. Start at middle of knuckle then tape over nail.

Loop over the tops of your fingers. You can start on any fingers, but Ronda herself prefers the Spider-Man web shooter method. No matter which fingers get wrapped first, begin with the knuckle and wrap over the top to cover the nail.

5. Push sides in, then fold in.

Pinch the tape at the top and push the sides in like you’re making a cute little egg roll. Mmm, that could go great with an ukemi roll (doesn’t it sound like sushi?) but no time to think about food right now!

6. Longer strip goes around the finger.

Continue making that finger a mummy by using the longer strips of tape to wrap around what you’ve already done.

7. Bend finger after every loop.

Wrap and bend, wrap and bend. Save those fingernails without restricting movement for judo action. Repeat steps for the other finger.

8. Tape fingers before working out.

Pro tip: sticky tape does not stick on sweaty fingers.

9. After taping two individual fingers, tape them together with one long strip.  

Finally, tape your two middle fingers together to prevent injury and improve grip strength. Don’t forget to bend those fingers with each loop!

You’re all taped up now so let’s test those fingers with an ukemi (back fall).

Ronda Rousey “Dojo” Zipper Hoodie