Video 3: Ukemi (Back Fall)

Rowdy Staff

So, you’re ready to continue your judo journey with Ronda Rousey? Now that your belt is tied and snug, it’s time to move on to the ukemi waza. Breathe easy because the technique is easier than pronouncing the Japanese name for this simple, back fall judo technique.

Once you master these few steps, you can throw on Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” and you can time your fall right along with each Ronda slam.

Here are the main things:

1. Never reach for the ground!

Don’t panic, you’re totally in control. If you reach back to catch yourself, you could injure yourself. Everyone has seen videos of Ronda Rousey snapping arms, so we don’t have to tell you that it’s not something you want to do to yourself.

2. Tuck your chin, hands forward, sit down.

Get into a position where it looks like you’re a superhero about to leap into flight. Stick your arms straight in front of you and get into a squat. Your chin should be tucked into your chest, protecting the back of your head. Once you’re in the proper stance, roll to your back. Don’t leap into the air to land on your back like a WWE powerbomb.

3. Slap as you hit the ground.

You’re going to want to hit the ground with your hands just before your back does. Trust your arms, they got your back and so does Ronda.

4. Take away the impact of your fall.

The reason why you slap the floor is to take away the impact of the fall. Hit it before it hits you. Remember, one of the principles of judo is maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Now you’re ready to move on to the next Ronda Rousey judo instructional video ukemi (shoulder roll)!

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