Learn Judo from the Best

Ronda has wanted to pass on her knowledge of judo for years, and now you can learn from the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo!

Judo 101: Introduction

If you want to get anywhere, you have to take that first step. This is where you can begin your journey of learning the devastating art of judo with your own personal teacher, Olympian Ronda Rousey.

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Mat work Newaza

Drill Technique 2:46 min

Learn It

This is a movement drill that is going to help you maneuver around your opponent.

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Armbar Juji Gatame

Drill Technique 4:04 min

Learn It

No one is ever just going to lay down and let you armbar them, so you’ll have to be prepared for movement and resistance.

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Lesson Archive

Judo 101 1:49 min

Video 1: Tying Your Belt

Judo 101 5:04 min

Video 2: Finger Taping

Judo 101 2:41 min

Video 3: Ukemi (Back Fall)

Judo 101 2:56 min

Video 4: Ukemi (Shoulder Roll)

Judo 101 1:17 min

Video 5: Ukemi (Side Fall)

Gripping 1:06 min

Video 6: Standard Right Grip

Gripping 0:31 min

Video 7: Standard Left Grip

Throwing 5:47 min

Video 8: Osoto Gari

Throwing 2:45 min

Video 9: Ouchi Gari

Throwing 2:52 min

Video 10: Traditional Kosoto Gaki

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