Ronda on the Road: Marina Shafir’s Wedding

LaToya Ferguson

“This is kinda me shooting from the hip…”

November 17, 2018 — In between the intense preparation for Survivor Series, Ronda couldn’t miss her friend and fellow Four Horsewomen member Marina Shafir’s wedding.

Ronda on the Road isn’t just about the path of sports entertainment: It’s also about the path of family and friendship. And perhaps nothing represents that aspect of Ronda Rousey’s life more than this latest edition of Ronda on the Road, as Ronda heads to Orlando, FL to attend Marina Shafir and Roderick Strong’s wedding.

As Marina’s maid of honor, Ronda, of course, took her responsibilities very seriously. She also learned a little something about some culture (say it with her: “chuppah”), before celebrating the special day.

And you can catch up on Ronda on the Road at any time, here at or on the official Ronda Rousey YouTube channel.

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