Ronda on the Road: Customizing the Gear Before SmackDown

Justin Golightly

Everything is running smoothly in Hershey, just like the chocolate made there. We follow Ronda getting ready for her SmackDown appearance in Pennsylvania, getting her hair done, talking about her favorite candies that shall not be named, and thinking about this road to WrestleMania.

There’s even some time for arts and crafts before the signature stomp and smile down to the ring. Ronda takes out her handy scissors and alters her outfit for more style points; after all, she’s already maxed out in strength and dexterity attributes. She used to customize shirts the same way with Marina Shafir and the other Horsewomen back in the day. What a good day!

Of course, Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville had to ruin everything just like they always do. They couldn’t even do it one-on-one; they had to ambush Ronda. That’s ok, it all comes back around. And what is better than one broken arm, but two? Maybe even four. One thing is for sure, April 2nd isn’t far and Charlotte (and whoever else who wants to get involved) is in for hell.

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