Here’s Ronda Rousey Confusing Her Dog Mochi with a Cardboard Cutout

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey mochi dog

Pulling tricks on your dog is all the rage now.

People all over the world are hiding behind blankets near a planned escape route and blowing their canine friend’s mind by suddenly disappearing. Vanishing out of thin air is cool, but what if another “you” popped out of nowhere? That sure could do them a frighten or cause a frapping!

That’s what Ronda Rousey did to her woofer Mochi.

Of course, we humans know Rousey just grabbed a cardboard cut-out of herself, but Mochi may have been convinced that her owner picked up real-life magic after investing all those hours in World of Warcraft. The multiplication spell sent Mochi into a bork attack, until some calming pets.

Don’t worry, Mochi was soon assured that there was only one “Rowdy” Ronda around. No doggos were harmed in the making of this video. There are also more past, present and future adventures with Rousey and Mochi to explore right here at

Check out the time Ronda met her latest doggy friend Chunk! 

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