RAW: The “Bellalution” Is Coming

LaToya Ferguson
Nikki Bella, Brie Bella (source: WWE)

Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins (Nikki Bella & Brie Bella) def. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, & Sarah Logan)

Apparently, Ruby Riott requested this Super Show-Down rematch for RAW, so you can’t say she doesn’t like a challenge. Liv Morgan and Brie Bella start things off, as these two now have a rivalry that might just last forever. And honestly, on Liv’s part, it’s completely understandable. In fact, the joy Liv gets from hurting Brie is palpable. But also like at Super Show-Down, The Bella Twins wrestle this match like it’s a tag team match without a third partner. Until Brie Bella ends up in a world of hurt—with Liv having something to prove and Ruby and Sarah just clearly having fun—and has to get to Ronda Rousey.

Eventually, Rousey gets in and it’s time to absolutely destroy Ruby Riott. As Michael Cole says after Rousey’s taken some damage and then just pretty much says “no”: “Gear shift. Intensity change.” While Liv and Sarah are so close to saving their leader and friend from getting the same armbar treatment they got in Melbourne, the Bellas run interference and hold them back, and then Ruby is tapping.

Post-match, it’s a celebration, of course… Until Nikki Bella cheap shots Rousey from behind. And it’s not just a snap on Nikki’s part either, and Brie Bella joins in on the beat down too. Rousey tries to ask them why, but they’re not answering: They are just on her.

Rousey’s eventually able to fight back against Brie, and Nikki’s not sure what to do—in fact, when she tries to go after Rousey, she ends up getting tossed around for her trouble. However, her veteran instinct allows her to run out of the ring, bait Rousey into chasing her and then have Brie drive Rousey into the corner post on the outside. WWE referees attempt to stop this, but the Bellas continue to put the boots to her.

And again, just when Rousey might get some momentum to fight back, the Bellas stop it, tossing her into the steel steps and then into the barricade. (And adding insult to injury, they use their patented ‘90s “LOSER” taunt against her.) After that, they actually drag the RAW Women’s Champion into the center of the ring—by the hair—as the WWE Universe boo them and chant “YOU SUCK,” with Nikki dumping the Women’s Championship—-hey, you can look but you can’t touch, Nikki—on Rousey’s back before they make their exist. Nikki also makes sure to knock a sign out of a fan’s hand, because who cares about tact after giving an unprovoked beat down like that?

After all that, Ronda Rousey still has no idea why this happened.

While it didn’t air on RAW, post-attack, Natalya came out to the ring to check on her friend and help her to the back. (But where was she during the attack?)

Also offscreen, The Bella Twins gave their side of the “story”:

According to Brie and Nikki, this is “a Bellalution,” and Ronda Rousey has essentially been taking their spotlight. So now at WWE Evolution, it’s official: Ronda Rousey will be defending her RAW Women’s Championship against Nikki Bella.

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