RAW: Three’s Company

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey WWE RAW

At Elimination Chamber, Ronda made a statement by taking out Ruby Riott in record time. Last night on RAW, she got another chance to prove herself since the match was so short. Ronda always shows up for a customary title defense anyway, so it just made sense for it to be against Riott. Of course, this time she got to have all the members of The Riott Squad with her and things quickly got crowded.

It started off almost exactly like the match this past Sunday: Judo throws and punch combos. Ruby was overwhelmed quick and had to slide out and to compose herself. She must have got good advice from her team because she tossed Ronda with a monkey flip. But when she tried to float over, Ronda reversed it into a triangle choke and then switched to an armbar.

The gameplan switched. Riott tried to keep Ronda down and eliminate her offense with vintage wrestling and a schoolyard game of mercy. Eventually, the action spilled out of the ring and Sarah Logan got in a cheap running knee on the outside. Ronda’s beat all of them, they all have grudges and want their revenge.

It became apparent that this was a different encounter from Elimination Chamber. Sure, it was basically a lumberjack match with the stable outside doing everything they could to get one of the wrestlers to lost, but Riott learned some lessons. She even thwarted Ronda when she turned Super Saiyan and landed a hard senton for a near fall.

Piper’s Pit? Countered. Riott Kick? Nailed Ronda square in the face and almost got beat. Logan interfered again. Riott Kick again. 2.8 count. Things got frantic. Ruby found herself in an armbar but her Riott Squad pulled her out of danger. Ronda threw herself to the outside onto them all and almost slipped. Once she got Riott back in the ring, she erases her face on the turnbuckle. After a flying armbar, Ruby tapped and the grueling fight was over.

All of The Riott Squad swarmed in but each got taken out one-by-one. Ronda stood there trying to gain her breath. She was bruised and bloody. Old welts blended in with new sores. But after the hell she has survived in the past couple of days, she’s ready for WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch or whoever else stands in her way.

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