Extreme Rules Results and Recap: The Beast is Back

LaToya Ferguson
Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar (source: WWE)
WWE Extreme Rules 2019 — June 14, 2019

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Finn Balor (c), for the Intercontinental Championship Championship on the Money in the Bank Kickoff Show

Drew Gulak (c) def. Tony Nese, for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the Money in the Bank Kickoff Show

You can watch the Extreme Rules Kickoff Show on YouTube and on the WWE Network.

The Undertaker & Roman Reigns def. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre, in a No Holds Barred match

Yup, we’re starting the show off with this one. The Undertaker is, of course, the last one out for this match.

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns immediately take it to each other to start the match, but McIntyre ends up getting the early advantage. He tags in Shane McMahon, who comes in cocky and immediately ends up getting worked by Reigns. Shane’s clearly afraid of the possibility of Reigns tagging in Taker, but he ‘s not able to stop it, and Taker soon puts in work on Shane too. Shane is able to stop Taker from hitting the Old School, then he gets to striking Taker in the corner… until it’s Taker’s turn, and he just unloads on Shane in the corner. (Yes, the “YOU STILL GOT IT” chants are here.) Shane eventually gets to McIntyre—because Taker allows it—tags him in, and it’s a face-off. Then it’s back and forth between the two men.

But Taker—looking the best he’s looked in ages—gets the advantage, leg dropping McIntyre on the apron before tagging Reigns back in. Reigns looks like he might end this all… But then Shane starts getting involved and ends up sending Reigns crashing to outside. Taker scares Shane all the way to the top of the ramp with a chair (this is a No Holds Barred match, after all), while McIntyre faces Reigns on the outside. (Taker and Shane do eventually go back to their respective corners though). McIntyre finally gets Reigns down in the ring, so Shane is excited to tag in, to pin him. That only gets a 2-count, so Shane tags McIntyre back in just as quickly. Reigns tries to fight back, but McIntyre Scottish Psychopaths all over him… until a last gasp Samoan Drop buys Reigns time. Then McIntyre runs shoulder-first into the corner post. McIntyre tags in Shane, Reigns tags in Taker. Taker takes both Shane and McIntyre down with a head of steam.

He gets Shane to the outside and is about to put him through the announce table, but then gets hit by Elias’ guitar. Reigns tries to take Elias down but McIntyre saves him and takes Roman out. So Elias goes back to keep hurting Taker with scraps of his guitar… but Taker ends up reversing. Chokeslam—no! Claymore!

Shane directs traffic and makes them put Taker on the announce table, then he hits a top rope elbow drop through the table (and through Taker). Then they pick Taker up to get him into the ring, to set up for Shane’s Coast to Coast (with trash can). Got him. Shane drags Taker’s lifeless body to the center of the ring, only for Taker to sit up, grab him by the throat, and chokeslam! Then he chokeslams Elias!

The Undertaker’s ready to end it all, but Drew McIntyre appears from behind to Claymore him… and is intercepted by a spear from Roman Reigns. Reigns hands Shane McMahon to Taker for a Tombstone Piledriver, and 1-2-3.

Backstage, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch talk to Sarah Schreiber about their main event mixed tag team match tonight. They seem confident. Mixed Match Challenge has gotten really intense.

The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) (c) def. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso), for the RAW Tag Team Championship

Scott Dawson and Jey Uso start things off, feeling each other out and constantly reversing each other’s maneuvers. Jey gets Dawson to the corner and tags in Jimmy Uso, but Dawson is also soon able to tag in Dash Wilder as well. The Usos get a quick doubleteam advantage, so The Revival take a break outside to regroup. They’re able to stop The Usos from suicide diving to the outside, but then try to take advantage of this momentum stop, The Usos throw them back to the outside and then hit them with dives to the outside.

Dash tags in Dawson, but Jimmy apparently doesn’t realize, tries to go after Dash, and gets rocked by Dawson on the outside. Jimmy tries to help his brother, but The Revival make sure the referee starts counting Jey out. Jey finally gets back in at the count of 8, and Dawson right on him. The Revival continue to wear Jey down, but Jey finally gets to his corner to tag Jimmy… only, because of The Revival’s distraction tactics, the referee doesn’t see it, and Jey has to remain the legal man. (Classic Revival! Classic “REF YOU SUCK” chants!”)

Finally, a visible-to-the-referee tag is made, and Jimmy gets going! He hits both opponents with Samoan Drops, rocks Dawson with a running hip attack in the corner, and tries to do the same with Dash; but Dash reverses the attempt into a powerbomb. Goes for the cover, but only a 2-count. Dash tags Dawson back in, and Jimmy hits a corkscrew on both of them, before tagging Jey back in and assisting him with a Samoan Drop on Dawson. Only a 2-count. Jey goes for a superkick, but no. He eats a knee, a punch, and then a BRAINBUSTER. Dawson takes Jey to The Revival’s corner, then places him on the top turnbuckle, and Dash tags in before heading over to the opposite corner and going to the top. Dawson hits Jey with a superplex, Dash hits him with a splash. 1-2—no! Jimmy splashes from the top rope to break the pin, and Jey follows up by covering Dash. 1-2—no! Dawson breaks up the pin.

Now all four men are in all four corners. They rise to engage in fisticuffs and chaos ensues. As usual though, in all the chaos, an insanely stealth tag allows The Revival to get the drop on The Usos and hit a Shatter Machine out of nowhere for the win.

Aleister Black def. Cesaro

Aleister Black goes for Black Mass right out the gate, misses, which just sets Cesaro off. Cesaro then rocks Aleister with a European uppercut in the corner. Black fights back and Cesaro goes for Neutralizer, which Black reverses, but Cesaro lands on his feet and then sits cross-legged, mocking Black. Black then brings the fight to Cesaro on the outside and sits cross-legged himself. This is a fast match between both men, with Black really wanting to go for Black Mass as soon as possible and Cesaro preventing him from doing so, even though he’s clearly suffering the consequences of Black’s vicious strikes. Really, Cesaro is doing as much as he can to avoid Black’s offense altogether.

Cesaro hits Black with a beautiful (like all of his moves) springboard European uppercut. He’s clearly favoring his left knee, but he stays on Black… only getting upset when Black kicks his left leg out of his leg. Black finds an opening to go for a Meteora, but Cesaro catches him, throws him in the air, and European uppercuts his soul out of his body. The only reason he doesn’t win after that is that Black is able to grab the rope during the count. Now a frustrated Cesaro has to deal with Black. Black tries to finish this with a backslide, but no dice, so he goes for more kicks, and when Cesaro goes for another springboard European uppercut, Black rocks him with a jumping knee right to the chin. But Black still can’t put him away.

However, Cesaro’s definitely feeling the effects of the attacks on his knee, and he can’t follow up after throwing Black in the air again. Black goes for a leg submission on Cesaro, but Cesaro reverses it into a Sharpshooter, and then a crossface. Black goes after the knee again to break out of the hold, and both men end up down, with the referee having to count them out. Once they’re both up, there’s a back and forth battle between them. Cesaro tries for Neutralizer, but Aleister Black goes for his legs, and Cesaro is only able to deflect Black’s strikes for so long until he finally falls victim to the Black Mass.

Carmella and R-Truth put up “WANTED” signs for the WWE 24/7 Championship, as R-Truth really wants his “baby” back from “Hornswoggle.” He even asks Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross if they’ve seen “Hornswoggle,” but no, they haven’t.

Once Carmella and R-Truth leave, Alexa gives Nikki a “present”… her own personal Alexa Bliss shirt. Enter the Street Profits, who ask where the party’s gonna be at when Alexa becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. Alexa corrects them—as she and Nikki are going to be  “co-SmackDown Women’s Champions”—but they didn’t realize she was actually serious about that.

Bayley (c) def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, in a 2-on-1 Handicap match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Bayley starts things off with Alexa Bliss, but Alexa is relatively quick to tag in Nikki Cross. Even with the disadvantage, Bayley has an early advantage in terms of her physicality. But the quick tags soon get to her, and the tide turns when Alexa (who tags in without Bayley realizing) is able to push Bayley off the apron and right into the steel steps.

Alexa and Nikki use their constant tags, intense physicality, and the damn numbers game to take over in this match. But Bayley uses the fact that she’s actually kind of a major league badass to change the complexion of this match.

Then before you know it, Bayley is gonna do it! She’s gonna tap them both out! (With Alexa in a Banks Statement!) Alexa bites Bayley to get out of the hold and eventually comes back to break the submission on Nikki. It looks like Alexa is going to finish it all with Twisted Bliss from the top rope, but Bayley gets her knees up. Alexa tags in Nikki, but she only falls victim to Bayley too, and then she loses the match after Bayley hits the elbow drop from the top rope.

Braun Strowman def. Bobby Lashley, in a Last Man Standing match

Well, Braun Strowman is here. He immediately brings the fight to Bobby Lashley, throwing him around like he’s a cruiserweight before the bell even rings. Then he brings Lashley into the ring to officially start the match.

Strowman gets Lashley down, so Lashley has to roll out of the ring to break the count. But once he does that, he ends up getting bulldozed on the outside by Strowman. He tries to bulldoze Lashley again once he gets up, but this time, Lashley catches him with a spear. The momentum shifts, as Lashley starts coming at Strowman with the steel steps and drives him over the barricade that way. He beats Strowman up in the crowd, climbing up the stairs and going after Strowman’s midsection. Strowman tries to fight back, but his midsection is too hurt. (And since we didn’t know how much damage he actually suffered two weeks ago when he and Lashley went through the stage, this could also be a lingering injury.)

Both men end up in the mezzanine and then concessions, and Strowman ends up down for a 6-count. Strowman prevents Lashley’s suplex attempt at the merch area and then suplexes Lashley right into the merch wall… but Lashley somehow gets up first. They then go back into the crowd, with Lashley attempting to retreat down the stairs. Strowman doesn’t exactly look so hot right now, though He clears the way so he can go for a running shoulder tackle again, and he gets it this time, only for Lashley to get up at 8. Strowman goes the running powerslam, but Lashley deflects and then tackles him through the barricade. Both men are down now, outside the ring—and both get up at 8.

Lashley drives Strowman into the ring apron. Strowman’s up at 3. Lashley decides to bounce Strowman’s head off the apron, goes for “vintage Strowman” himself—the running shoulder tackle—and connects, then he buries Strowman under the German announce table… for a 9-count. Lashley doesn’t know what to do. Strowman ends up back in the crowd, Lashley comes for him, and his momentum ends up getting him thrown by Stromwan into the international announce table. That’s “just” an 8-count.

Lashley goes right back to Strowman’s ribs in retaliation, then hits Strowman with a recycling bin. Strowman’s up at 8 and uppercuts Lashley as he approaches him. Then he kicks the crawling Lashley in the face. Lashley ends up on jelly legs before falling to his knees—but he says “bring it” to Strowman. And does Strowman does, with every kick and punch he delivers to him. Finally, he brings Lashley up the stairs, using the railing as a weapon (and Lashley uses a fan as a weapon), then a chair. Strowman eventually kicks down a barricade, then powerslams Lashley through… something. Some big contraption. Despite not being able to see either competitor, the referee counts them both out… but Strowman bursts out through it like the Kool-Aid man, as Lashley remains down for the full count of 10.

Charly Caruso interviews The Club backstage, and wow—AJ Styles is rude to good ol’ Charles from moment one. Also, according to Styles, they didn’t reform The Club just because he couldn’t beat Ricochet: “Ricochet was just in the way when we started mowing people down.” Sure, Jan.

At the end of the interview, Styles tells Charly to throw up a “too sweet” with The Club—and she does—only to tell her he’s “just kidding” at the last second. Like I said: rude to good ol’ Charles. And on her birthday, of all days.

The New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) def. Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c) & Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker), in a Triple Threat Tag Team match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The New Day are out first, and the question is: Will they become 6-time Tag Team Champions?

Xavier Woods and Daniel Bryan start the match and put on a little clinic, constantly countering, with reversals and deflections. Woods finally hits Bryan with the rolling elbow, so Bryan rolls away and Heavy Machinery’s Tucker tags in. Tucker and Woods face off, with Tucker showing off his athleticism. But Woods has his athleticism working for him too. However, Rowan has his power, and he gets to show that once he tags Tucker to get in and crushes Woods. The official target is Woods, as Rowan tags Bryan back in and they work their doubleteam maneuvers on Woods. Bryan gets Woods in a submission position and decides to grab him by the nose, reminding the referee that this is “NO DQ,” before going on to bite Woods. Bryan tags Rowan back in and messes with Big E on the outside. Woods starts to fight back, and it looks like he has an opportunity to rally, so Rowan tags Bryan back in, and Woods tags in Otis.

Otis bulldozes and then proceeds to manhandle Bryan, even hitting him with the Caterpillar. He tags in Tucker and slingshots Bryan into a Tucker takedown. That only gets 2-count. Big E tags Bryan, then belly-to-belly suplexes Tucker, only to get the knees when he does the running splash on Tucker. Tucker tags in Otis, and now it’s Otis vs. Big E. Otis gets Big E into a vertical suplex position, Tucker crossbodies Big E, and still only a 2-count, as Rowan saves the day. Then he hits a swinging kick to Tucker. Woods tries to stop Rowan, but he just ends up getting wrecked, then eats flying knee from Bryan. Big E takes out Rowan and then spears Bryan through ropes, leaving Otis alone in the ring. Is Otis gonna fly?!? NOPE. He instead goes to the apron and then jumps onto everyone on the outside. Then it’s Tucker’s turn: He goes to the top rope and crossbodies all of them.

Otis throws Big E into the ring—because they’re both still the legal men—and then hits the Compactor with Tucker. It’s only a 2-count though because Woods saves Big E at the last possible moment. It’s Heavy Machinery vs. Woods then, taking him down with a pop-up powerslam. Rowan tries to double Iron Claw Heavy Machinery, only to end up getting sandwiched between the two of them. Heavy Machinery dominate with the doubleteaming, getting Rowan to the top turnbuckle to superplex him. Then here comes Big E to join in on the fun, Tower of Doom-style. During this setup, Bryan stealthily tags Otis, while Rowan pushes everyone off of him. Big E is able to run back to actually superplex Rowan, but again, Bryan is the legal man—he hits the diving headbutt on Big E, then slaps the LeBell Lock on him in the middle of the ring. Big E tries to get to the ropes, so Bryan pulls his arm and leg back to prevent that.

But once Big E gets his other leg under the rope, since there’s no DQ, he has to get his whole body almost out of the ring, and that’s when Bryan finally relents. Bryan than change his strategy, hitting the YES Kicks on Big E… but then Big E starts firing up, yelling at Bryan to “DO IT!” Bryan then slaps him, which only gets another “DO IT!” before Big E takes Bryan out with a massive clothesline. The straps are down now, and Big E even catches Bryan after he does the backflip from the top rope. Then Xavier Woods tags himself in, New Day hit Midnight Hour, and it’s 1-2-3 on Daniel Bryan. NEW CHAMPS.

The New Day now all has gold… and they got it all by beating Daniel Bryan.

Backstage, all three members of The New Day celebrate together, and Kayla Braxton is about to interview them… until Paul Heyman takes her mic, walks down to the ramp, and sets a couple of things straight. Again, he promises that tonight, Brocks Lesnar will cash in his Money in the Bank contract on either the WWE Champion or the Universal Champion. But also again, he brings up the possibility that he’s not telling the truth. (And Michael Cole—as well as WWE social media, I guess—still has no idea what a “riddle” is.)

AJ Styles def. Ricochet (c), for the United States Championship

AJ Styles, of course, comes out with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Good Brothers immediately attack Ricochet during his entrance, and Styles pushes them away, though he’s clearly quite happy about it all. So Styles gets the early advantage. But it’s only a quick one because Ricochet still has the speed advantage. However, he’s a proud man, and he’s able to easily get distracted on the outside by Gallows and Anderson, allowing Styles to take over with a sneak attack from behind.

Ricochet takes quite the beating from Styles, but he eventually gets a burst of energy that allows him to flip off of Styles (seriously) and then take him down with an enzuigiri that shifts the momentum. After taking out Styles, he takes out Gallows and Anderson on outside too, just to be safe. Ricochet hits a lionsault on Styles, for a 2-count—he can’t seem to figure out how to put Styles away. So he goes for a springboard, but Styles catches him with an ushigoroshi (which actually hurts his own knee). Styles still remains on top though, even while favoring his knee. Plus, he’s definitely slowing down the pace at this point in the match anyway, hoping to avoid any mistakes and to keep Ricochet from building momentum.

Styles goes for a Styles Clash, but Ricochet deflects. However, Styles prevents Ricochet from following up. He goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but no, then he hits Ricochet with that wheelbarrow facebuster. Only 2. He goes for the Styles Clash again, but still no dice, as Ricochet rolls through—only 2. Both men are down, but when they get back up, it’s back and forth forearms. Dueling “AJ STYLES”/”RICOCHET” chants fill the arena. Then it’s a quick back and forth of offense, bringing their best to each other—even a brainbuster vs. another brainbuster. Styles’ brainbuster only gets him a 2-count again. Ricochet then prevents Styles from going big on the top rope, hits a springboard Shooting Star Press, and is about to retain… but Styles’ foot is under the rope, just like Ricochet’s was a couple of weeks ago (and the title match was restarted). Only here, Gallows and Anderson point it out to the referee and he stops the count.

Ricochet goes to the top rope, then Anderson gets on the apron to distract him. Karl Anderson ends up getting destroyed by Ricochet for his actions, but as the referee goes to check on him, Luke Gallows uses that as an opportunity to crotch Ricochet on the top rope. AJ Styles then hits him with a super Styles Clash from up there. 1-2-3! NEW CHAMP!

Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings, and Dolph Ziggler slaps Kevin Owens in the face. So Owens Stunners Ziggler, and 1-2-3! It’s over! Sorry, Ziggler. Owens then gets on the mic, knowing that because Shane McMahon was Tombstone Piledrivered by The Undertaker, he’s not going to cut him off this time. Everyone in attendance (and watching at home… and, honestly, in the back) tonight agrees with everything Owens he has to say about Shane, so he decides to speak for everyone: “SHANE MCMAHON CAN KISS MY ASS AND GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!”

Before his match, Charly Caruso interviews Samoa Joe for his “final words” on the matter. Joe says he’s here “to end the unexceptional reign of Kofi Kingston.” Alright then.

Kofi Kingston (c) def. Samoa Joe, for the WWE Championship

Kofi immediately brings the fight to Joe, which—of course—just pisses Joe off, who then gets Kofi with the right hands in the corner. Kofi tries to fight back… again pissing Joe off, as he sweeps the knee of Kofi to get his momentum back. Joe’s speed and brutal strikes keep Kofi from gaining any real momentum for too long in this match. Plus, Joe trash talks Kofi the entire time, basically trying to make Kofi regret that he didn’t shake his hand when he had the chance.

Joe starts going to town on Kofi’s knee with kicks. Then he goes after the hand with which Kofi gave him the middle finger, manipulating the joints. He even puts the finger between the steel steps and stomps down. “Who’s #1 now,” Joe asks Kofi, and I don’t think Kofi was calling him “#1” with that finger. But maybe I’m wrong.

Everything’s coming up Joe, but then he starts getting far too cocky. So Kofi gives him the other finger (still not calling him #1) and begins to fight back. Kofi’s fired up and starts the New Day claps, ready to end it all with Trouble in Paradise… but he ends up in the Coquina Clutch. Kofi tries to get out of the submission by pushing off the turnbuckle, but Joe turns it into a uranage, before hitting the senton. There’s some more back and forth between both men after this, but ultimately, it all ends with a Trouble in Paradise and the 3-count. The entire New Day are (still) champs.

Seth Rollins (c) & Becky Lynch (c) def. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans, in a Winner Take All Extreme Rules match for the WWE Universal Championship & the RAW Women’s Championship

Self-proclaimed “lady” Lacey Evans has “SETH” embroidered on her trunks, by the way. Seriously, what is Lacey’s understanding of what it means to be a lady, and why does it seem to not fit the dictionary definition?

Becky Lynch and Lacey start the match, with Becky dominating so much early on that Lacey has to very quickly tag in Baron Corbin. Which also means Seth Rollins is now in. Corbin has absolutely no qualms about going for a kendo stick under the ring ASAP, but Rollins is able to prevent him from using it with his offense. Lacey then tries to use the stick on Seth, but he deflects—and she then eats a kendo shot from Becky, who has her own stick. (We’re getting extreme, y’all!) Then Rollins and Becky hit stereo kendo shots on the opponents, followed by a baseball slide (Becky) and a suicide dive (Rollins) once said opponents retreat to the outside. And that’s followed up by a diving forearm (Becky) and a second suicide dive (Rollins).

However, next time Rollins goes for a suicide dive after getting some momentum against Corbin, he’s met with a steel chair. Now Corbin has the momentum and uses the chair on Rollins’ back, as Becky just has to watch on the apron, steaming. And yes, Corbin loves that she’s steaming. Corbin drives the chair into Rollins’ midsection before going for a pin. Only a 2-count. So he makes Lacey send him two more chairs and he sets them up back-to-back in the middle of the ring, going for a chokeslam on the chairs, which Rollins luckily reverses into a roll-up (but not a successful roll-up). Rollins then grabs a chair, which Corbin stops him from using. Corbin then DDTs Seth onto the chair, before driving it into Rollins’ spine, then setting it up in the corner between turnbuckles. Corbin bounces Rollins’ face off of another set-up chair in the ring, but Corbin ultimately ends up being driven into the chair he set up in the corner. You hate to see it.

Rollins tags in Becky and Lacey immediately runs, so Becky chases her down with a chair. Lacey gets a chair of own, but Becky strikes first with her chair. (“Say ‘chair’ again.” “Chair.”) Becky takes it to Lacey on the outside and then on the inside, driving her face-first into the corner set-up chair as well. She then hits Lacey with a Bexploder onto two chairs, before setting her up, laying a chair on top of her, and hitting the top rope leg drop. 2-count. Becky goes to the top rope again, only this time, Corbin pulls Lacey away. Corbin also ends up eating a top rope knee from Seth, before Seth throws a chair into Corbin’s hand and Becky connects with a top rope dropkick. Now Lacey’s recovered enough to come for Becky, and hits the Merosault, for a 2-count. She then tells Becky to get up for a Woman’s Right, which Becky deflects, going for a Dis-Arm-Her. She doesn’t get it—Lacey rolls through, but can’t get a real pin, and Becky ends up taking Lacey down.

Becky tags Rollins back in, but Lacey (who’s still down) and Becky remain in the ring while Corbin’s down on the outside. So Rollins decides to get the tables, with Becky’s help. They get one table set up, then decide to set up another other. But unfortunately for them, that one takes too long to set up and Corbin and Lacey recover in time to get them back. Corbin brings Rollins back into the ring and gets two kendo sticks. He gives one to Lacey, and they both take turns punishing Rollins. In fact, Lacey takes the most pleasure in doing so. Then they try to hit a double chokeslam on Rollins. That’s when Becky comes back… and she and Rollins end up taking stereo chokeslams from Lacey and Corbin respectively. Only a 2-count! Corbin and Lacey then take their opponents to the outside, going to use the setup tables against them. They work together to suplex Rollins through a table, but he deflects, Becky rushes in, and they suplex Corbin and Lacey onto the steel ramp instead.

Becky and Rollins then re-setup the tables, putting Lacey and Corbin on top of them. Becky goes to the second rope and Rollins goes to the top rope, and then it’s leg drop through Lacey’s table, and Frog Splash through Corbin’s table, respectively. Rollins puts Corbin back in the ring to try to finish it all. The “BURN IT DOWN” chants rain down, but the stomp is reversed into a powerbomb. Corbin hits Rollins with a Deep Six next and 1-2—Becky breaks up the pin! Lacey gets back in and tries to throw Becky out, but Becky throws her out instead… and then Corbin hits the End of Days on Becky… right in front of Rollins.

That sets Rollins off, and he destroys Corbin with a kendo stick, before moving on to destroying him with a chair. Then he hits the stomp. Lacey Evans completely bails, clearly afraid Seth Rollins will do the same to her, honestly. Then he hits another stomp. And another stomp, before finally pinning Baron Corbin. 1-2-3. They retain, and the challengers can no longer challenge them for their titles.

But then here comes Brock Lesnar. Becky’s still down for the count on the outside from the End of Days, so she can’t help Rollins. Lesnar hits the ring and then hits Rollins with a suplex. And then another suplex. And then Paul Heyman officially cashes in Lesnar’s Money in the Bank contract. One F-5, and it is over. New champ.

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