WWE TBT: Ronda Gives Tips to Stay Motivated During a Jet Lag Workout

LaToya Ferguson

Alright, Rowdy Ones—back to the WWE grind Ronda goes. In flashback form, that is. (Sorry) Once again, we are going back to Ronda Rousey’s time as a WWE Superstar, breaking arms and making towns.

In this WWE TBT Ronda on The Road clip, you’ll see for yourself that Ronda was really feeling the grind of the non-stop WWE schedule. In fact, it’s pretty apparent early on in this video that Ronda barely even knew what time it was at this point… which should give you an idea of just how bad the jet lag got when she was on the road with WWE full-time.

But that didn’t stop her from staying motivated, both in and out of the gym, and this video goes into detail about the former experience. And honestly, during these quarantimes, I’m pretty sure we can all use this kind of motivation.

Check it out:

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