Flashback to When Ronda Was Giving Judo Lessons To Every TV Host in America

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousy Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

There was a time not too long ago when you could tune into the TV anytime day or night and see Ronda throwing around your favorite hosts. From Live! With Kelly and Michael in the morning to The Tonight Show, it was a 24-hour marathon of mat work.

These appearances weren’t just limited to our living room’s shining rectangle, even random YouTube personalities and MMA reporters egged her on to scramble them up on camera. Flat screen, laptop or iPhone, wherever you looked, she was there.  

It seemed like every Tom, Dick or Aaron Tru wanted to get their ribs broken by a Ronda Rousey judo throw when she was on top of the MMA world. Honestly, her record should be amended to reflect the celebrities who volunteered to lay their literal bodies on the line for the sake of clicks or the Neilson rating system.

Pete Holmes? Armbarred. The Tonight Show host and SNL alum Jimmy Fallon? Armbarred. Former NFL player turned previous Kelly Ripa sidekick Michael Strahan? O-goshi-ed. Sweetheart Ellen Degeneres even led her executive producer Andy Lassner like a lamb to the slaughter.

It’s been years since Ronda’s media world tour of whoop-ass, but not much has changed. She’s still tossing and submitting people weekly on WWE RAW, they’re just the best women wrestlers on the planet, sometimes armed with kendo sticks and steel chairs instead of mics.

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