Video 76: Juji Finishes or Ronda’s Four Armbars

Rowdy Staff

So, you’ve avoided everything your opponent can throw at you and now you’ve got them right where you want them: on the ground! Once you’ve got them trapped in your universe, you’ll want a dizzying array of attacks to pop, lock, and snap limbs just like Ronda. That’s why she’s here to give you not one, but FOUR armbar finishes!

Let’s start with the Liz Carmouche armbar!

Here are the main things:

1. Throw leg back and get up into side mount.

In the past lessons you’ve learned a lot of transitions, so why not just skip straight to the good stuff and work from there? Ok, you’re trying to hit the armbar but they’re tighter than a mothertucker. Adjust into side mount to help pop the arm off from defending.

2.  Use leverage to keep pressure on their arm.

You’re going to keep a leverage point by placing your palm on your own thigh. This will keep the pressure on the arm we’re trying to isolate, and soon it won’t matter how much strength the person you’re attacking has.

3. Reach across, grab for knee, pull it toward you, and put your hand on the ground.

Pull their knee toward you to make room to plant your free hand, and you’re going to pry off your own thigh in the crook of the elbow of their isolated arm. They will not be able to resist the fulcrum! Sooner or later, everyone always succumbs to physics. 

4. During finish, keep back leg tight against their head.

All you have to do now is lean back and take that arm to the house and pin it on the refrigerator. Just make sure to keep everything you have locked up close and tight so that they don’t escape and erase all your hard work.  

BUT what if they are being super, super tight and really, really annoying? 

1. Reach for far shoulder with both hands.

Ronda completely bails on the first arm, but they don’t know that. Grab right behind the shoulder that’s on the mat and pull it in so tight like you’re trying to make the opponent give themselves the biggest hug of their lives. 

2. Pull opponent’s arms close together so hands pop out. 

Eventually, their arms will get so squished together and crossed that their hand will pop out of the other side. Peekaboo! I see you! Now you can finally attack that arm and get the tap.

3. Use elbow pit to hook the wrist.

Pin their peekaboo hand to your arm by using your elbow pit around their wrist. Now you got ’em. Keep locked up tight and sit back with their hand snug against your chest, and now you got the armbar on that pesky booger. 

Next is the bicep crusher. This is like two subs in one!

1. Bite in with heel and swing leg over.

Once again, they’re being super stubborn about giving up their arm. No idea why. That’s ok, let them hold on. Dig in with your heels and keep their folded arms real tight. They’ll assume you’re still trying to go for the arm and that’s great.

2. Swing the other leg into a triangle position.

Now take your other leg over the arm you’re trying to get and triangle it up. By now, they may wise up and realize something is up but that’s good too because if they get suspicious and try to move then you can snag their arm and get the sub.

3. Flex your legs to finish.

If they don’t have any idea what you’re doing and still just hug themselves to prevent the armbar, then now you can clamp the arm with your legs that you have scissored, and searing pain will rush through their bicep.

What if you slip the wrong arm in?

1. Bite in with heel by the hip.

No biggie, submissions are ambidextrous! Dig your heel in just like you would on any of the armbars, except get on your side and wench in with your thigh to keep everything tight.

2. Get your weight on the person.

Get further onto your hip in the direction you’re going to want to take the arm, putting all your weight from the side of your thigh onto the opponent’s face. It’ll make taking that arm all the easier now that they are squirming and uncomfortable.

3. Pry opponent’s arm away for the submission. 

This time, you’ll place your hand on the thigh that is on top of the opponent and use your palm-pry fulcrum to take the arm that you want and then lean back with it. And that’s how you do an oopsie armbar!

Holy crap! That was a lot to learn! But you’re an advanced student, so it should be no problem. Just practice these until they are second nature, then Ronda will teach you her one and only choke!

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