WATCH: Ronda Rousey Put Steve-O Through a Judo Crash Course

Rowdy Staff
Ronda laughing

Steve-O has willingly put himself in harm’s way more than even the most gnarly dudes. He’s been human bait for a shark (complete with a hook in his mouth), walked a tightrope suspended above writhing alligators, and even worn a Peruvian jellyfish as a hat. But his most dangerous feat yet could be training with Ronda Rousey.

In a Very Special Episode of Ron-we mean, Steve-O’s Dojo, the Jackass himself gets a literal crash course in beginner judo from his new Olympian friend. Ronda starts off pretty easy before moving into some WWE bumps and eventually running the pain train way off the rails. 

Don’t feel sorry for this Wild Boy: He asked for it, all the way down to the head stomps and the ear grinding. After all, he’s on a mission to achieve maximum cauliflower ear, and Ronda is not one to stand in the way of Steve-O’s dreams. Some people who enter Ronda’s garage dojo still say they can hear his screams.

Not only did Steve-O get some more miles in on that gross ear, but after the torture chamber, he earned a legit white belt in judo from Ronda freaking Rousey. Stay tuned for more adventures on Ronda’s YouTube channel and check out Steve-O’s to follow his expanding perichondrium sore.

Ronda Rousey's dojo

Hey, you don’t have to let Steve-O have all the fun! Step inside Ronda Rousey’s Dojo and prepare to learn judo from the best! (We promise you, there will be 100% pain and suffering.)


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