Ronda Rousey-Produced, Emmy-Nominated Docuseries ‘Why We Fight’ To Move To ESPN+

LaToya Ferguson
Cat Zingano (source: Religion of Sports)
Cat Zingano (source: Religion of Sports)

Yesterday, ESPN issued a press release announcing that Why We Fight—a docuseries that focuses on world-class athletes and what drove them to get into the world of combat arts—would be making the jump to its ESPN+ streaming service.

The series’ original home was the now-defunct Verizon Go90, hosted by welterweight boxer Zachary “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman. This second season on ESPN+ is set to premiere later this month (with season one available now) and will be hosted by former UFC fighter Cat Zingano, who had this to say about the series:

“For all of us who are fighters, there is nothing that makes us feel more alive than fighting,” said Zingano. “It’s the scariest, yet most rewarding experience we’ll ever have. Someone who isn’t a fighter may not understand, but fighting can save lives. Everyone, including normal everyday people, should fight in some way. It’s a healthy way to express and empower yourself, and having that physical outlet and love for fighting can help anyone through life’s struggles. Fighting has gotten me through a lot in my life. That’s what this show is about.”

Executive produced by Ronda Rousey, Why We Fight was nominated for an Emmy in 2018. You can watch a preview clip from the season two premiere here.

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