Watch That Time Ronda Rousey Talked Sex with a Flustered Conan O’Brien

Justin Golightly
Rousey and Conan O'Brien

Some people shy away from talking about sex. Some even shy away from doing the deed. For a long time, it’s been something male athletes have been told to avoid performing before an event. Not Ronda Rousey though, for her, it’s the complete opposite.

Hair was bobbing everywhere and Twitter was probably smoking after Rousey admitted on CONAN on TBS that she actually prefers sex before fights. After Rousey told host Conan O’Brien she’s even more “Rowdy” than usual prepping for battle, he was comically flustered.       

“I mean for girls it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before a fight, actually,” Ronda Rousey said before on Jim Rome’s Showtime. “Not with like everybody. I don’t put out Craigslist ads or anything, but you know, if I got a steady, I’m going to be like, “Yo, fight time’s coming up.”  

This may not be scientific, but science schmience. Just like Ronda Rousey brought up, if it gives someone confidence then that’s always a good thing, whether it be before a fight or before a math test. …Maybe a biology exam.

While she didn’t have a boyfriend during her talk with O’Brien, she’s now married to UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. Complete with a new beau and career-path, is the pre-fight rompus still part of the gameplan in the WWE? That question may be better left up to the imagination. 

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