WATCH: Browsey Acres | The Roadie Saga, Part 2

Justin Golightly
Ronda Rousey's dog Roadie

When last we saw our hero Roadie, he had just been kindly swooped up into the loving arms and infinitely kissing lips of Ronda Rousey. She and Travis found the little dude roaming with a small pack of stray dogs in the wastelands of California. They took him back to Browsey Acres for a bath and a warm blanket.

After passing the sniff test from the wise leader Mochi and the lovable giant Chunk, the ranch turned into a temporary home. Browsey Acres sure would be an awesome place for Roadie to live. After all, it’s just like the fake farm utopia parents in TV shows fib to their kids about when a beloved pet has gone missing. But Ronda knew she had to put her detective cap on and find where young Roadie dog truly belonged.

In our latest episode, Ronda and Trav tell the story of what happened when Roadie’s—or “Jack” as they called him—owners came for a visit after the boys posted flyers around the neighborhood. Find out what happens in the exciting conclusion of the Roadie Saga!

Grab your very own piece of Browsey Acres!
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