NXT: The Evolution Will Be Televised

LaToya Ferguson
Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler (source: WWE)

After Kairi Sane put Vanessa Borne away on NXT TV for the third time, her post-match celebration was almost immediately interrupted by her rival, former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

But this time around, there is no treasure chest for Baszler to knock over. In fact, she even comes in peace when she approaches Sane. That’s because she only really has one thing to say when she comes face-to-face with the current champion.

According to Baszler, Sane should continue to celebrate with the title… while she can. Because the “clock’s about to run out on that” whole championship reign. While Baszler finally gives Sane some credit for winning the championship back at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV—in fact, she admits that loss actually hurt her—she’s ready to invoke her rematch clause. The wait for the inevitable—Baszler regaining her championship—is coming to an end.

“And Kairi, I promise, I’m going to drown you, drop anchor on this championship reign, and take back my title.”

Sane’s response? She’ll give Baszler her rematch, no problem… at WWE’s Evolution pay-per-view. But she also promises she’ll beat her again because she knows she can.

While Sane’s proven herself to be a woman of her word, so is Baszler; as promised, the former champ leaves the current champ to continue her celebration in the ring.

But a cool, calm, and collected Shayna Baszler is somehow the scariest version of Shayna Baszler.

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