WATCH: ‘Ronda Misses It’

Jason Nawara

It’s been close to three months since Ronda Rousey kicked ass in a squared circle, and she misses it. Of course, life on Browsey Acres is great – Ronda loves taking care of her animals and family, but there’s just something about beating someone into oblivion in a controlled environment that makes Ronda feel alive. Can you blame her?

Obviously, hubby Travis Browne is supportive of his wife, but it’s also a little weird when he has to witness so many promos in the fridge, or elbow drops onto the bed. It’s all in good fun, but it’s not the real thing. Whatever works, though. Right?


So watch the daily life of Ronda and Travis as Ronda goes through the motions of getting that aggression out, all with special guest D-Von Dudley!

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