Halloween Was Invaded by the Baddest Women on the Planet

Rowdy Staff
Ronda Rousey fans went as the Baddest Woman on the Planet for Halloween.

On October 31st, demons, zombies, and vampires roamed the streets, looking to feast on the living (or candy). The horrors that wandered from house to house in search of their sugary fix showed off some of the greatest terrors ever known, with possibly none scarier than a small army of miniature mean-mugging Ronda Rouseys. Smokey eye makeup and all.

Rowdy Ones across the world sent Ronda pictures of their fists clenched, ready to throw a multi-strike combo on a helpless piece of candy. You can tell many prepared for the night to put a pack of Twizzlers into an armbar. Yes, the delicious licorice snack would tap out. Yes, the delicious strawberry rope vine (or Nibs) would be eaten.ย 

Did you know Ronda has a lifetime supply of Twizzlers? We digress…

Check out some of our favorite Rondas below. There’s a whole bunch of WWE Rondas young and old, and even a few UFC Ronda throwbacks. Maybe we can get a Browsey Acres Ronda or Judo Olympian Ronda next year?ย