‘TABLES 2’ on the Horizon? Check Out Ronda on D-Von Dudley’s Podcast, Table Talk

Julia De Mars
Mo Lightning, Lindsey Martini, Ronda Rousey, D-Von Dudley (source: WrestlingAudio.com, Table Talk Podcast)

If you remember the movie trailer Ronda Rousey dropped back in 2019—TABLES—then you already know that she and D-Von Dudley are good pals. So it’s no surprise that Ronda made a guest appearance on the most recent episode of Table Talk, a podcast co-hosted by the WWE Hall of Famer.

“I got to meet you outside of a wrestling ring and got to talk with you and chat with you, spend time with you. Believe me when I say it: You’re not just a fighter. You’re more than a fighter. You’re a great friend and the knowledge that you have and helping out and giving advice to people? Tremendous.”

– D-Von Dudley, Table Talk

D-Von and Ronda get into everything on this podcast, from their friendship (and whether or not TABLES 2 will happen) to:

  • How Ronda found the motivation to make her MMA dreams come true post-Judo.
  • Why Ronda’s mom is the OG “Baddest Woman on the Planet.”
  • The anxiety of MMA fights versus the low stress of WWE matches.
  • Ronda’s many injuries—from the mat to the set of Fox’s 9-1-1.
  • Ronda in-ring chemistry with Nattie Neidhart and Nia Jax 
  • Ronda’s new business venture with her husband, Travis Browne: selling Fullblood Wagyu at Browsey Acres. To learn more, check out BrowseyAcres.com
  • You know, the big question: When will Ronda come back to WWE?

You can listen to Table Talk on WrestlingAudio.com or watch the episode here:

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