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Julia De Mars
Ronda on the Road... Trip! (Do you get it?)
Ronda on the Road… Trip! (Do you get it?)

This week on Ronda on the Road… Trip (Episode 2, “Ronda and Julia Rate Coffee, Sing Lizzo, and Crash the RV”): En route to Ronda’s new puppy there are a few bumps along the road—literally. Headed from California to Chicago on this pandemic-safe road trip, Ronda & Julia are challenged to make their own entertainment when everyone forgot to bring an aux cord. They rate coffee shops on the way.

Hi, Rowdy OnesJulia here! In this week’s episode of what I have declared the Sisterhood of the Traveling RV, Ronda and I had to amuse ourselves after we both forgot to bring an aux cord. So, of course, I suggested the only song I truly know (mostly) by heart: “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Duh.

(Disclaimer: As much as I love Lizzo, I guess I let her down on this one. However, in my defense, I trust Ronda with my life, so I did listen to her when she insisted the lyrics were “new photos” instead of “fresh photos.” Sorry.)

In addition to trying to sing (and failing), we played a few classic road trip games. Some of which I’m pretty sure Ronda made up so she could win, but we won’t get into that.

Alright, you should probably check out the video now, and then we can get back to storytime:

You done yet?

So yeah… I crashed the RV a little bit. I wouldn’t even say “crashed,” I’d say I “temporarily nudged” the wood post. It was just a little bump, you know? You definitely know why I will never get behind the wheel of an RV ever again.

I mean, okay, I did get behind the wheel of the RV again after the incident. (We had to take turns, obviously, because it’s a lot of driving.) But I was not allowed to back up anymore, which made sense. However, in my defense, I had never driven anything bigger than a soccer van before. And although the video tells another story, I still deny Kyle was really yelling “Stop!” I didn’t hear anything, so the footage lies and I will deny it until my last breath.

Speaking of my last breath, well, that’s a story for another time. See ya then.

If you have absolutely no clue who I am, I’m not surprisedbut I’ve actually been around for a while! If you don’t believe me, revisit the TABLES official trailer to see the beginning of how I got here. Personally, I highly suggest the TABLES gag reel video instead:

I’m “& Crew.” – Julia
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