WWE TBT: Ronda Rousey Explains Her Finisher During Workout

LaToya Ferguson

Alright, Rowdy Onesit’s time for another WWE throwback video. This week, let’s go back in time to October of 2018. Also a simpler time, for sure, but also a time of original recipe Ronda on the Road episodes. You remember O.G. Ronda on the Road, right? Of course you do!

(If not, go back and watch. Then you can watch this.)

This week, check in with Ronda Rousey before WWE Evolution for another hotel workout. This time, she breaks down the mechanics of her Piper’s Pit finisher and tries to figure out futuristic gym equipment. One of these things is much easier to do than the other. We’ll let you figure out which one, Rowdy Ones.

Check it out below:

Keep those joints safe, Ronda. (You’ll know what that means once you watch the video, Rowdy Ones.)

In case you missed it, check out this WWE TBT with Ronda, another gym, and fellow Four Horsewoman Marina Shafir:

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