Rowdy TBT: Ronda Rousey Goes to Her Sister’s Soccer Game

LaToya Ferguson
Sister, sister!
Sister, sister!

Rowdy Ones! It’s Throwback Thursday Time (TBTT?), so let’s throw it back to another Ronda on the Road moment and memory.

Ronda’s little sister Julia has been playing soccer since she was, like, 10 years old. The first (and only) game Ronda got to watch was when she was in college, and this throwback is for the time she ran right out of a wrestling show and drove up to watch her. She kicked butt and balls! Literally, when it came to that whole balls part.

Check it out:

Aww, talk about sisterly love. (Cue the Brotherly Love opening credits, only replace all the images of Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence in that junkyard with images Ronda and Julia in your mind. Do it.)

Rowdy Ones, if you are in the mood for more sisterly love between Ronda and Julia, you gotta go back and check out the whole Ronda on the Road episode that this TBT clip is originally from. All the way back when Ronda was on the road to WWE Evolution

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